All Nano? No Risk By Nano-titanium Dioxide!

No risk by Nano – titanium dioxide! The current discussion on the hazard potential of nano-technology products and applications, spurred on by a press release of the Federal Environmental Office, is to be welcomed in principle. So each study and each investigation helps to understand the effects and risks in relation to the manufacture and application of nano-particles and to identify possible risks and to avoid. Also compulsory labelling nanotechnological products and ingredients is desirable in terms of a comprehensive consumer information. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. It is however unhelpful to summarize all nano products currently in the market flat under the generic term of NANO and, as happened recently with the publication of the Federal Environmental Office, use flat rate to dissuade, before not all risks of this technology were resolved. So the NanoCare initiative in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of education and research has created a comprehensive study on the risks of nano technology and comes here very clearly to the conclusion that at the concentrations of the products in the market, no danger posed by Nano-titanium dioxide. It is also in titanium dioxide, as with all substances and elements in this world, only on the intakes. Viewed in that light you could classify even drinking water as a dangerous, if you take up much too much of it! The basic technology for the production of nano-fine titanium dioxide particles in the Sol-gel method is native to Japan.

Here, the first patents were already reported in 1999. The titanium dioxide particles in very low concentrations in an aqueous emulsion are involved in this process. Titanium dioxide application to the manufacture of self-cleaning products for air cleaning or preventing effective against mold, viruses, and bacteria of all kinds exist in Asia for nearly a decade and hardly a field of nanotechnology is there so fully investigated and documented as with Nano-titanium dioxide photocatalysis. This includes also the investigation of potential risks and dangers, and until today, no there are diseases caused by the use of nano-titanium dioxide. At always a healthy differentiation in the foreground should be all prudent when dealing with new products, because many nano products are already today not only safe, but also extremely useful by significantly relieve our environmental and actively prevent health hazards.