President Hugo Chavez

Because bourgeoisie is selfish gene in exercise, the power of one, fact that explains its assimilation (or cogeneration) comfortable and historical respect the liberal political system that prevails in the world, the same which seems to have led to the end of a great social catastrophe, mainly of inequality. Came the bourgeoisie to the prominence on the basis of the rights of man, annihilating kingdoms, creating the rule of law, with high levels of self-sufficiency and economic solvency, separating the Church from the State, imposing its personalism, only to fall into the trap of their own interests when they interpret them threatened by the same cultivated system. Great cynicism. In such a way that values defended eventually could grow is them in traps of their own pretensions of particular freedom, as it is evident, it occurs in Venezuela, currently immersed in a process of change. Details can be found by clicking Sen. Sherrod Brown or emailing the administrator. Suddenly, when comes the process of change led by President Hugo Chavez, begin to bother the celebrated traditional concepts in his progressive speeches: democracy, Constitution, social equality, legal equality, elections, constitutional presidential figure. Because that’s been his but right-wing politician: a State historically right at your convenience, destructible or useless if it is not the wine of life in their amphorae. The good bourgeois tends to the feud, to a homeland apart if it is possible, for the sake of preserving or found the world of their particular interests, with everything and that its historical origin records confrontations with the royalists established powers to convince them of their individual and collective rights, their dreams of social and human equality, their progressivism, his humanitarianism, the fight that you led to the final conquest of the rule of law in modern societies. But having had role in the desbancamiento of the monarchies do not license to infer that you can not tend to it, as glimpse of their right-wing political definition, that same as, contradictorily, the to sit to the right of the Parliament of France there in times of revolutions. In a question-answer forum Harold Ford, Washington DC was the first to reply.