Then if you know and achieved that others perceive that you know (because it is) towards where you want to go the organization in the coming years, what are your current challenges, the moment that touches him compete and restrictive factors that threaten it, your probability that begin to believe in its leadership program for middle managers begins to rise. But it is still not enough 2. Paraphrasing the second question, and once again making their sin, this time would be: say it directly: If still not developed relationships of trust with key players and still not created alliances with internal influencers and had not had time to interpret the intentions of the current opinion leaders, his program has high chances to be aborted. Suppose that you referred to, know their strengths, from where comes, how he gained his experience and what could be done by the company (in fact for that hired him); something is still missing: Learn about the perspectives of those who think that what’s missing here is not leadership, but (.what I leave to your discretion), simplifying all the way to a technical problem, which is solved with two or three specialists gathered for an hour in the meeting room of the second floor. In other words, begin to fix these subtleties that we tend to overlook, as be listening carefully, read between the lines, re-preguntar to confirm what mentally translated and distance themselves from old conflicts that did not have any role in.

Adopt a serene posture and, not less, be guided internally, but keep the focus in others, what happens to them and in the story that are counted. From that good listening and reading, set the real need, the real problem. But, in the absence of a visible problem, you will become the problem. If it manages to avoid it and know the different perspectives, will have already taken another step forward so not to interrupt his project. But still missing a step more paraphrasing the last question, and again becoming their sin, would be something like this: pay attention to me: If you don’t dive within the culture of the company, will not know how face resistances that will naturally happen while transiting the change, and you can hardly get a space for observing the implementation of what has been learned and the impact that had the program on results (performance or relationships). And what cannot be measured (follow you). Challenge, okay.

You know of training, learning, adult, ROI, Goleman, resonant and other leaders. But listen to the song beyond the letter understands the pressures that receive different areas, understand the imbalances will be created and the forces that will try to restore that balance, just finished the program. If it is anticipated it will have certainly grown as a professional, will have minimised the paradox and will have taken a big step as leader. For that hired him.