5 Tips To Double Your Sales In Internet

How can I double my sales? this should be a question that many webmasters and entrepreneurs on the Internet they ask in their minds. There are two ways of doing this: you can double your qualified traffic, or you can double your conversion rate, let’s say that you have a cup of 2% conversion. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Blumenthal is the place to go. I.e. make 1 sale of your product for every 50 visitors you receive to your website, if you get 100 visitors you’re doing 2 sales. You can however get the same result, with your existing traffic, doubling the rate of conversion (2 sales per every 50 visitors).

Here I leave you 5 tips to double your conversion rate: 1.-direct response. Make sure that your website is a direct response website, this means that the visitor to your web site must have the following 3 options: to) buy your product. (b) recommend your site. (c) leave your website. Among more options give your visitors are less likely to do a sale.

2 Offer free e-books. Offers e-books for free with the purchase of your product as additional bonus, this easily You can double your sales if the e-book is really very useful. 3 Have real testimonials. Make sure you have plenty of real testimonials on your web site from people who have been satisfied with the product you have purchased, preference shall be video testimonials where you explain the benefits that succeeded in applying what they have learned. 4. Follow up on your customers. Probably get heard this over and over again but it’s worth repeating it, persons who left their data in your autoresponder to receive more information about your product need to give them follow-up. People begin to buy products from the seventh letter, the greatest mistake you can make is to try to sell your product on the first contact, this simply doesn’t work as well the Statistics say so. The first contact produces 2% of sales after the fifth contact until the twelfth contact produces 80% of sales 5.-make additional sales. It is no secret that successful entrepreneurs generate up to 80% of its sales from customers who have already purchased them previously why?, people who have purchased previously are more likely to do it again, to me has happened to me. If the product I bought really helped me and was quality and me a high percentage that again to buy the same entrepreneur, since I know his work is generating benefits exists, I have confidence. So if you already have a customer or several customers who you have purchased, dales to know another product that complements the previous product that you bought there is a great possibility that you return to make a sale. To bit u know more how complementary sales I invite you to visit the article by clicking here if you follow these 5 tips can double your sales in line with the traffic that you currently have. Original author and source of the article.