Morales Elections

Venezuelans, some time ago that they are arming machinery for the forthcoming general elections who wish to advance in Bolivia, to perpetuate Morales. Communists handled political time skilfully, since they usually stay in power by force and by life. They know projected future with due urgency, creating infrastructure and conducive environment to achieve their goals. Thats the first thing that started to make 60 days after Evo assumed command: make new identity documents, under the direction and control of the envoys of Chavez, brought by the modern equipment to perform brand-new voter registration. In recent Bolivian elections were purged 1.5 million votes from the cities antievo in addition could have given a greater margin of seats in Congress to the opposition parties, or perhaps the victory, but with the intervention of the ONGes and international organizations responsible for overseeing suffrage – eager to see arise to the populist Presidentto which they supported and helped for a long time – not handling nor the result was questioned. For the first time Bolivians residing abroad, will vote in the upcoming elections, according to the reforms that will introduce the Socialist regime in the new political Constitution. Expatriates fled to other countries in search of better job opportunities.

Morales’s Government reported that there are 1.7 million Bolivians in Argentina – notwithstanding, the known figures do not accuse more than 350 thousand-. Raising five times the amount actual, can be a maneuver to increase the number of invisible voters. The majority of emigrants, are indigenous Bolivians doing the dirty work in societies where their subjects don’t want to stain your hands. As the single point of convergence with its neighbors is their ethnicity, Morales is exploiting the sense of race to join them in their favor. Novedades issuance of identity cards, the advancement of elections, voting from abroad and intended to reduce the age of the voter, are elements that are they used to commit the great electoral fraud that lies ahead. In time to organize for the Democratic contest, the Bolivian President is distributing money among the mayors of the field, mainly in the towns where the opposition to his regime is greater.

The incentive is given as donations from Venezuela. These are funds of free availability that are not being controlled, blatantly violating the State’s anti-corruption laws. As the obsequiadas amounts are significant, the success of your campaign can yield juicy fruits. The Bolivian constituent Assembly, after eight months of meetings to refound the nation – four remaining to deliver the final document – still not drafted nor a single article. Not only because of the lack of capacity of their legislators, that from the beginning we knew that they were not prepared to deal with such a project, but to give course to a maneuver of the rulers, which was tricked the opposition, making them to accept an agreement that ordered: that if you don’t get two thirds of votes to sanction the new Constitution, laws shall be subject to a referendum that them can approve with half plus one. Once accepted the Constitution Totalitarista – taking advantage of the supposed popularity of the representative-Morales convened general elections 2008, with all the desired reforms, increasing his electoral platform in millions of voters. It is estimated that 3.5 million adolescents between 16 and 18 years old, and about two million Bolivians abroad, will be happy to provide you with absolute powers and see your photo on the squares, streets and public offices for the next 50 years.