The Council

For all those who have no idea what this is about: The universe, about the corrupt Council of planets reigns, is divided into three from each other separate districts are divided. Two intelligent forms of life – people and Ikonier – populate two of these districts, of course mostly in the clinch with each other, unscrupulous Kampfthronarios and armed robots carry out at the expense of the civilian population. In the wars deserve the powerful Council of the planets, because its shares gaining rapidly on the cartels of the armor value. In the first district, which can be reached easily, a planet rotates his circles which on the one hand, refuge for persecuted, on the other hand preferred conquest field of the Defense Giants is: the Earth. In the fourth, just-released tape, Goethe’s Egmont plays an important role, because this fresh book brings a M ‘ baganianer called as evidence of an accidental time travel from the Earth with Fau Holl, after he had discovered a new transition in the first district. If you have read about Richard Blumenthal already – you may have come to the same conclusion. ” Fau Holl so that he wants to sell his knowledge to a Council of the planet’s corrupt politicians, prompting a wave of violence.

Not without reason the title of band is four: the Intergalactic Tragedy. Hemmanns idea of a replica of the universe Earth United Nations route so it combines the planets there, creating unimagined ways mentally to outsource problems of our present civilization. He proves that hardly a society of multiple individuals will be able without corruption, wars and power struggles. The entertaining entertainment is recommended from the age of 12. Never get bored. In the end, the question remains: when is the film? There is already a colorful Internet site anyway: for all who love the science fiction: Hamed with home field advantage for the opening reading during the 10th Elstercon 2010 at the 17 September at 18: 00 at the Leipzig home of the book (together with Jork Steffen Negelen) appears. “The Council of the planet – and fourth book.

Spanish Socialist Workers Party

How much we would like write about so many opitas featured in the world which nobody cares or, simply, almost nobody knows whom! Would like how to, just, make them a simple tribute! Unfortunately, very few times one has news for those people who, even so, one admires. Do and it is that that saying nobody is Prophet in his own land becomes nostalgic dimensions when he is known to people as ALVARO S?PASTRANA NCHEZ. We have done good friends through the internet, after his coincidencial visit to my website, a couple of months ago. It’s a racamandaca opita, a huilensista of full-time, a Colombian passionate and proud of their origins, a politician who triumphs over twelve thousand miles from home, a civilian who are proud. Alvaro, son of Marco Emilio Sanchez Rodriguez and Amira Pastrana Camacho, was born on September 27, 1950 in Neiva, studied computer science and computation, and went to live in Spain makes more or less twenty-three years, looking for that future extraordinary with which we dream of latinos. Today, our friend is also a national Spanish.

As a commentary on the sidelines, unite it with family ties to the current President of Colombia, but he plays in the opposite ideological edge. Indeed, four years ago comes playing functions of main councillor in the municipality of Bolanos de Calatrava, Ciudad Real, in representation of the Socialist Workers Party Spanish (PSOE), directed in Spain, as we know it, by former President Felipe Gonzalez. According to the information I have obtained, it is the only resident or naturalized Colombian who plays a political position in that category in that nation. But our illustrious countryman not only is Councillor but exercises with all gallantry, height and effervescence head of opposition in the City Council and exercises the General Secretariat of the Local grouping of the same party. Finally, he is also member of the Provincial Party Committee in Ciudad Real. Our friend Pastrana Sanchez, in short, is a wide landmark figure in the political world in this Spanish region, reality is that did not forget their homeland but increased his nationalism and his regionalism. His single email address confirms it: I put at your disposal, my resume, my person and my political abilities if needed, to assist in the search for peace in our beloved Colombia, has written to me Alvaro in his last letter.! I have no doubt that a character in this category would bring much to our peace process, but the highlight of the matter is sincere and humble’s will that opita, having triumphed abroad and living with slack in Europe still wanting both to his country and to abandon everything, if necessary, to put a grain of sand in the construction of the welfare of their fellow countrymen.

Alvaro Sanchez Pastrana is like an Ambassador of Huila in the motherland. It is an example for all of us. Our Department should establish a program to locate and contact all those countrymen who honor us with their good work or triumphs abroad. All they could help us a lot in the goal of shaping the new concept of regional leadership in the 21st century. Meanwhile, we will comply with this humble homage to ALVARO SANCHEZ PASTRANA, after thank you with all my heart the daily promotion of the face unknown positive colombiana.

Complaint Seno

A reality where young constantly they are seduced by the power that the weapons of the traffic can provide to them, with this, the life more goes if becoming each banalizada day. A reality where children veem in the dealer the figure of the respect and, the possibility of being one day as they, to be also respected, thus disclosing, a search for equality of possibilities, what it means, beyond the desired respect, the ambition to be able one day, to use expensive clothes of mark, cars and etc a society where if it values another one for what it has and not for what it is, for certain, results in the manufacture of these types of yearnings. Thus, for these children, the amused trick more is to dissimulate that she is the dealer with its force represented in the power of the weapons. E, if will not have will politics to correct this picture, great part of these children of today will be the delinquents of tomorrow. The set of documents ‘ ‘ Notice of a war particular’ ‘ the film ‘ ‘ Troop of Elite’ ‘ she only came to inside become well-known a constant battle of a Country that if says Pacific. A world where young police if sets to fight daily in a war where does not have winners..

Zapatero El Bueno In The EU Of Wonders (2 )

(Adapted from Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll) Episode 2: In the den of Parliament Zapatero had discovered that the White Rabbit was very versatile and that was the key to its success. Now seemed like a rabbit out of state, his ease and magnanimity with Madrid president conferred another dimension to his public. The AVE him very far. What would be your next stop? Maybe Moncloa? "Who knows. You can not trust anyone, "Zapatero repeated. The president continued to advance along the rabbit hole until you reach a hallway full of doors, but they were all locked.

When he found he could not cross any of them, cried with all his might call the Rabbit, but this did not appear. If you would like to know more then you should visit Richard Blumenthal. Then the president recalled that his Minister of Information had a key that opened all, a listening ear and eyes that saw everything. Without thinking twice, said aloud: "Alfredo, I know you see me and listening, so get me out of here now or Elena will withdraw the funds to develop more spyware against the PP. " And immediately, the door opened, giving way to an entrance no wider than a mousetrap. President kneeled, not to pray with Obama, but to look through that kind of passage for dwarfs. Was when he saw the most wonderful garden imaginable. It was the Community of Madrid. How I had to leave the dark rabbit hole and walk among those beds of bright flowers and those cool fountains But the door was very small and could not even pass the head through the opening.