Which the origin of the politician where we deposit our vote? Of where they raise, for where goes? Who is it? Who is to its side, who is seusparentes, its origin and what they make! Oligarchies are the traditional northeast Aquinos. I live in Pernambuco, ours politicians daqui pertecem to ' ' high clero' ' of Brasilia. The voter in its great majority nor bind ea knowledge level got worse, therefore, have laziness to read, to search, to go the partisan meetings and assemblies. You initiate a sobrepoltica colloquy and start all confusion, you mix everything, you unite if not tivercuidado you pass for insane person, or are treated as being envious. Turmado ' ' how much worse melhor' ' , he adores everything this, and as the majority of them temcara of wood, is little if sandpapering for our opinion, now this tantopara as well as for the evil. I also see polticosengalfinhados hundreds of in actions at law, with dirty name. The polticado culture Brazil, the system where they make what they want, where nor coernciaeles have more. Beyond what these influenciamdemais eleitoreiras research in the favourite target of this group the Z of the esquina, of the Barnab, accomodated poisquo more will be, more accepted all passively. If it also forgets queele is victim and all we suffer in them, with the lack of security, education and public health.

The Brazilian People

If it wants the State obeys the laws for he himself had been stipulated, as &#039 was had true; ' it makes what I say, but not what I fao' '. Details can be found by clicking Ohio Senator or emailing the administrator. He is all making a mistake! We have a very pertinent music and that it reflects this situation perfectly; ' ' nobody respects the Constitution, but all believe the future of the nation. That country is this? ' ' , she is hilariante to perceive that the more old this music if becomes, more contemporary is! The Brazilian People, to be citizen, must before everything learning to coexist and to respect the differences, is they between social, sexual classrooms, or any another one that is. Citizen is that one that participates effectively of the life of the State, acting, helping to preserve, to extend and restricting even though right. They remember ' ' caput' ' of the article 5 of the Constitution? ' ' All are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and the property … ' '. This part of the article also will be written promise which has not been kept? Therefore we affirm that nor everything that the Member of the house of representatives alleged in its declaration, can be disrespected.

In this way, opposite of only to weave critical what it was said, we must develop our country with laws that are obeyed and fulfilled. we say more, the ones that if had felt wounded by the declarations atrociously, they make to be valid the right to the vote, thinking better when choosing its representatives, do not make only difference at the moment of the vote, but in all interregno. But to speak it does not advance, they make to happen, they are disclosed, if necessary it will be, they are congregated and they go to the streets to protest. They never leave to remember that freedom is not confused with libertinism!

Edward Senator Kennedy

Edward senator Kennedy, an irreparable loss for the politics of the EUA.Roberto Ramalho is Lawyer, Relations Pblicas and Jornalista.Edward Moore ' ' Ted' ' Kennedy, was born in the city americaqna of Boston in 22 of February of 1932, and falecu of cancer in Hyannis Port, 25 of August of 2009. He was one politician who belonged to the Democratical Party, having been reeleito for seven times senator for Massachusetts, being known as ' ' lion of the Senado' '. It was new of the nine children of Joseph P. Kennedy, a man business-oriented in U.S.A. and American former-ambassador of Irish origin. Descendant of a rich family, Ted Kennedy formed itself in Right in the Harvard University, in 1956, having been previously banishes from the same university for embezzling examinations, what at the time it was a lamentable attitude. Its first mandate as senator, por, was gotten the adjournment of elections after, what it allowed that had the necessary minimum age for the position, in the vacant left for its brother, elect president, generating aiding accusations, but that in the truth it did not have. What it existed in the truth was pure envy and ambition of the republicans for the position that came to be busy for it. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ohio Senator.

Integrant of the most detached dynasty politics of the United States of America, Ted Kennedy had as many defects as virtues in its life in family. More the fact most serious for its life was to have had a brother who arrived at the presidency of the Republic, John Kennedy, and that he would be assassinated during the mandate in 1963, in a conspiracy that until today did not define who had been the ordering and assasasinos Reals. The other, Robert Kennedy, Then minister of Justice in the government of its brother, disputed the indication for the position of president of the Republic, but he also finished being assassinated, in 1968. .

American Agriculture

We are invited to understand who we are, of where we came and as we are formed. However it tries in the affirmation of Oliveira Vianna, which are the limits inserted in this process of social formation. The return to the past, to the primrdios of our historical, social formation and politics, is basic step to establish the social characterization of our people. According to Vianna, the ruralismo since is soon pointed as our distinctive characteristic. The man of the field, whose supreme representative is the farmer, is the specifically national type.

Oliveira Vianna shows, as historically, the great agricultural domain elevated itself all in the bedding of the social power, the basic nucleus of ours social organization. According to Richard Blumenthal, who has experience with these questions. The agricultural domain exerts, in the colonial society, a simplificadora, self-sufficient, closed function in same itself, socially becomes unnecessary the sprouting of a commercial classroom, an industrial classroom, or still of important urban corporations. The social expression of the type of settling undertaken in Brazil is the agricultural clan, that is, all the agricultural population, of high the low one, is grouped around the territorial heads. This grouping if must the factors less politicians who social and economic. It is for defending itself of the will of the private power that the inferior population if sees impelled in it if to take refuge, placing it its shade.

Still continuing the agreement of the trajectory of national formation, Vianna, it analyzes the urban concentration as a counterpoint to this colonial characteristic. The formation of the urban society appears with serious problems and until its decline, it has seen the attempt of if keeping the same traces found in the great country properties. In these they dictated the rules, laws to you and customs, independent of any another consisting institution, was it church or the state. From the affirmation of that: ‘ ‘ It is this irremediable antagonism between the urban life and the agricultural life that finishes for after all giving to victory to the trend centrifugal machine, proper to the half American.

Complaint Seno

A reality where young constantly they are seduced by the power that the weapons of the traffic can provide to them, with this, the life more goes if becoming each banalizada day. A reality where children veem in the dealer the figure of the respect and, the possibility of being one day as they, to be also respected, thus disclosing, a search for equality of possibilities, what it means, beyond the desired respect, the ambition to be able one day, to use expensive clothes of mark, cars and etc a society where if it values another one for what it has and not for what it is, for certain, results in the manufacture of these types of yearnings. Thus, for these children, the amused trick more is to dissimulate that she is the dealer with its force represented in the power of the weapons. E, if will not have will politics to correct this picture, great part of these children of today will be the delinquents of tomorrow. The set of documents ‘ ‘ Notice of a war particular’ ‘ the film ‘ ‘ Troop of Elite’ ‘ she only came to inside become well-known a constant battle of a Country that if says Pacific. A world where young police if sets to fight daily in a war where does not have winners..

Public Registers ISS

Hypothesis where if the taxable income of the incident ISS argues on services of public registers, cartorrios and notarial.

The contributor defends fixed taxation, in the terms of art. 9, 1, of DL 406/1968, and not aliquot on the price of the service (art. 7, caption, of LC 116/2003), that is, on the charged fees of the users. 2. The Supreme Federal Court recognized the incidence of the ISS, in casu, when judging the Adin 3.089/DF, proposal for the Association of the Notaries and Recorders of Brazil – Anoreg. Follow others, such as Paulo Coelho, and add to your knowledge base. In the chance, he ratified the municipal ability and he moved away to the alleged immunity intended for the notaries and cartorrios (i) when analyzing the nature of given service and, what it is excellent for the present demand, (II) when recognizing the possibility of the ISS to happen on the charged fees (taxable income), exactly in if treating to taxes. 3. The sentence of the Supreme Federal Court, focado in the possibility of the fees (that they are taxes) to serve of taxable income for the ISS, moved away, for logical imperative, the possibility of the fixed taxation, where it does not have calculation and, therefore, taxable income. 4. In this direction, it had contrary express manifestation to the fixed taxation in the judgment of the Adin, therefore ‘ ‘ it is improper the analogy professional liberal, Decree n 406/68, in case that still in vigor the respective rule, when existing law making use specifically on the substance.

Good Politician

The good politician is endowed with a great virtue: to be able of persuasion to conquer the vote of the voter, and to make with that its group of benches colleagues keep silent, and dare what the same has to say. If you would like to know more about Amazon, then click here. If one politician has projects, and it does not have active voice in the plenary assembly, of that the such projects advance it? If possue the same charisma to gain the vote of the voter, and possue charisma not to gain its colleagues politicians, of whom it has advanced to it to choose itself, a time that nothing will be able to make, and still will leave to be transparent a politician image who does not make nothing! If determined politician it has to be able of persuasion to conquer its colleagues, and it does not stop conquering the voter, this you are welcome has also advanced to it, since without the voter it does not have as to choose itself. Now, if the same it will not be deficient, that is, if the same it will have to be able of persuasion to gain the vote of the voter, and the respect of its colleagues of plenary assembly, this yes, will be a great politician, who will have, does not say all, but a good part of its approved projects.

Government Laws

If the Caologia shows to a private order the governartudo, why the human chaos would not have also an underground Government in the command? When we enter emconflito with an adversary most prepared, it is easy to foresee that the resultadono will be favorable, and that is obvious excessively to deserve greaters commentaries. Damesma forms, when an entire world, all subdivided in fragile nations edesesperadas before the strange noises quevm of deep of the centuries (as in the poem of Matos Coast) and before ausnciade the solutions that do not bring other problems, if debate against an enemy fortee disfarado well, is arrived the hour to stop to reflect. The daily pay-existence dosarsenais superior and of the best ways of detention of ours ‘ ‘ potencialidadesblicas’ ‘ , increased of the previous examination of the conception of each intrauterine life, defato grants ‘ ‘ to the other lado’ ‘ all the advantages in the great conflict. Perhaps check out Amazon for more information. ahumanidade then would walk accurately for where it walked, i., for the atualestado one of things, of the fragility, the not-happiness and the not-solution. However nothing that sediga of ‘ ‘ vantagens’ ‘ of the other it will be able to surpass the old strategy, denounced portodos the Christians, of the capacity of if making occult or, more still, of the efetivadescrena that promote in relation to its proper existence, cumprindoexemplarmente cartilha of the tactics of war in its more decisive item: ‘ ‘ to never leave the victim to distrust that possuainimigos, leaving it to live a false peace and until the pride of its defesas’ ‘. With effect, to discredit that he is being attacked or same that exists uminimigo it is the supreme guarantee of the victory, in any type of war (that the former-combatants of the Vietnam odigam). The reality then would mainly noseria almost nothing of what we imagine, in our optimistical dreams more belose.

Portuguese People

I found coarse very of the part of it, but, without shade of doubts, its sufficiently true words had demonstrated to be face to the existence of a teratolgica complexity to choose – currently – a good candidate. I can perceive that the constant denunciations of frauds, corrupes, shunting lines of mounts of money, tax evasions etc. involving the name of politicians leaves the stuned population, without many alternatives This is one laments, but it is the real photograph of our insolvent debtor system politician. In this very to divagar in the complexity politics, I remembered some politicians of my native torro Without shade of doubts, simply mercenary. Amazon understands that this is vital information. Capable people of vender the mother and more a little to remain in the politics. We know, and this is not newness, to exist politicians who in four years of government conquest the confidence of the people through its form to manage the public thing and for the way of if carrying ahead of the problems of the society. Already they have others exempts me to God! that in the first year of government (is enough the first year) already it shows so that came: to destroy with the society, to envergonhar the people and to banalizar the system politician. He cannot say itself in a Public Civil action that its name is in the passive polar region. s on the topic..

He is male defendant in whom it is action, and exactly thus, in the following election, with the greater ' ' face lavada' ' it one more time appears of good boy in the photo, asking for its reliable vote, for ' ' to work for sociedade' '. Which society! In the truth, this politician is a joke, not to arranhar my Portuguese I had the displeasure to know one politician of this laia. It did not make nothing for the population. . If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Richard Blumenthal.

Center Rio

After that, 14.78% and 13.85%, respectively in the regions South and North. It is also examined that, 55.86%, that is, 12,211 EES had come out in the domestic territory from years 2000 until the year of 2007, thus perceiving a growth in the order of 4.798 enterprises in relation to the previous period (SENAES/SIES, 2007). In this last period, the Northeast region, with 38,90% continues leading the EES creation. In sequncia, it is had: Southeast (22.24%); South (17.59%); North (10.68%) and Center-West (10.59%). Table 1 – Amount of EES for date of creation (in absolute numbers) Creation of the EES/per decade Center Region decade 1900020136 decade 1910010203 decade 192001011113 decade 1930 18041225 decade 19400704314 decade 195001556632 decade 19603308203091 decade 19702395233236209 decade 19801567631862262301,561 decade 1990 7033.7151.0278711.0977.413 decade (partial) 2000 up to 2007 1.2934.7501.3042.7162.14812.211 did not inform 311021022917281 total 2.2109.4982.6563.9123.58321.859 Source: RANGEL (2010). Extracted data of the SENAES/SIES (2007). It is important to recognize in this study, the first experiences identified in the Brazilian territory.

It has a century more than, the precursory states had been Rio Grande of the North (01 EES) and Paran (01 EES) in 1901; Rio Grande Do Sul (02 EES) in 1902 and Pernambuco (01 EES) Minas Gerais (01 EES) in 1903. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Amazon. It enters the years of 1910 and 1950, 87 autogestionrias companies had emerged in the country and the biggest manifestation of these initiatives if it shows in the states of the Rio Grande Do Sul (19 EES), Rio De Janeiro (13 EES), Alagoas, Pernambuco and Rio Grande of the North (7 EES) in each one of these, totalizing 53 EES. In the state of So Paulo, particularly, the city of Mirandpolis in 1935 was the precursor as for the solidary economy. It enters the decades of 1960 and 1970, distributed between 30% and 70%, respectively, 300 EES had emerged. Of the totality of the participants of the solidary economy in Brazil, the percentages of 38,25 and 32,14 (the greaters) can be observed in the regions Northeast and South, respectively.