American Agriculture

We are invited to understand who we are, of where we came and as we are formed. However it tries in the affirmation of Oliveira Vianna, which are the limits inserted in this process of social formation. The return to the past, to the primrdios of our historical, social formation and politics, is basic step to establish the social characterization of our people. According to Vianna, the ruralismo since is soon pointed as our distinctive characteristic. The man of the field, whose supreme representative is the farmer, is the specifically national type.

Oliveira Vianna shows, as historically, the great agricultural domain elevated itself all in the bedding of the social power, the basic nucleus of ours social organization. According to Richard Blumenthal, who has experience with these questions. The agricultural domain exerts, in the colonial society, a simplificadora, self-sufficient, closed function in same itself, socially becomes unnecessary the sprouting of a commercial classroom, an industrial classroom, or still of important urban corporations. The social expression of the type of settling undertaken in Brazil is the agricultural clan, that is, all the agricultural population, of high the low one, is grouped around the territorial heads. This grouping if must the factors less politicians who social and economic. It is for defending itself of the will of the private power that the inferior population if sees impelled in it if to take refuge, placing it its shade.

Still continuing the agreement of the trajectory of national formation, Vianna, it analyzes the urban concentration as a counterpoint to this colonial characteristic. The formation of the urban society appears with serious problems and until its decline, it has seen the attempt of if keeping the same traces found in the great country properties. In these they dictated the rules, laws to you and customs, independent of any another consisting institution, was it church or the state. From the affirmation of that: ‘ ‘ It is this irremediable antagonism between the urban life and the agricultural life that finishes for after all giving to victory to the trend centrifugal machine, proper to the half American.