Who would believe that a president who sees himself in the future among the social elite of the West, will seriously address issues of agrarian development in the country? For such conclusions are no natural prerequisites. Same way in the world today, a new paradigm for the creation of vassal territories, where a key element of the external board should be fully controlled by the highest official of state power: the president, prime minister, parliament speaker – depending on the system of government. Realizing that if they wanted, to promote "desired shape" formal elections remain in the hands of the population, ie voters, political strategists radically foreign undertook testing of pre-election "black PR-technologies" aimed at creating the necessary public "cliche" in regarding the "right" candidates and their opponents. Amazon is likely to agree. That is in line with similar "PR-technologies" at specified intervals began to appear in the Internet publication devoted to the elections in Uzbekistan. As always in this plan differ special "vivacity" series registered in the West, online publications for the past fifteen years, promising the world that the "collapse of the Uzbek model of development", the broadcast of a "famine in Uzbekistan", "bullying Uzbeks over the evil crocodiles, "" Alien abduction Uzbek security forces from the planet Neptune, "well, etc. On the whole purpose of existence of such subversive information center is clear: they all have families, children, all need to earn a living to feed themselves and send to study in English schools for their children. How would the established "rules of existence" are clear: the rat intrusive and disgusting by their very nature, nobody likes them and all squeamish, but For some reason they must be present in our lives. But not in one house do not like rats start, climb to your kitchen, let alone try to impose its line of conduct you and your family. Same way the appearance of "article" under the screaming headlines "Another vote for Karimov? It is better for anyone, "" Elections in Uzbekistan, as an excuse to justify their evils, "and similar in tone is nothing more than a neighborly behavior of rats on the verge our house.

Federal Tax Service

The tax authority during the desk tax audit did not find any equivalence of participating in an exchange of apartments, as purchased in 1998 for the 100 000,00 rub. apartment can not be equal provided by the city administration in 2008, housing expert valuation which amounts to several million. Moreover, according to the Tax Inspectorate, the agreement between the owner of dilapidated housing and local authority can not be attributed to a barter agreement, otherwise it is called – barter. To know more about this subject visit Paulo Coelho. The most that the law was to apply the taxpayer in this case, it is on the property tax deduction $ 1 million rubles., which may reduce the income received from the sale of the apartment, where tenure is less than 3 years. Following the review of tax audit materials was brought to the taxpayer tax liability. The position of the taxpayer did not agree and the higher the tax authorities – Office of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in the Sverdlovsk region and the Federal Tax Service, in which a citizen appealed to the complaints trying to pre-trial to settle the dispute. Follow others, such as Paulo Coelho, and add to your knowledge base. The initial application to the district court also did not bring any relief the taxpayer, since it is at the preliminary hearing the case was dismissed for nepodvedomstvennostyu. District court judge held that the case be considered by the bankruptcy court. From the viewpoint of the judge, even though the taxpayer was prosecuted for activities not associated with business (one-time sale of an apartment), but as having its status of an individual entrepreneur, the basis of the composition of the parties to the dispute (the tax inspectorate and entrepreneur), the matter should be considered in arbitration.

Civil Case

Recommendations for the plaintiff and defendant 1. Dress well, the bad and sloppily dressed people attitude may be appropriate. However, you should not overdress or extravagant. 2. Not perturbed by the fact that the meeting may start with a delay of several hours. It so happened not only in the Russian courts.

We'll have to get used to the fact that meetings can often be delayed. 3. Mobile phones before entering the courtroom should be disabled newspapers in the hall to read out loud do not talk, it is undesirable and whispering. 4. To behave in court to a modest and simple. Since the court can not argue, argue with him, too, is impossible. Relate to the judge as necessary to the chief at work, only a little more respectful. Interrupting the judge and other participants is prohibited.

5. To court to seek a preliminary "Dear Court," despite the fact that the judge alone. Explanations and evidence should be given standing and addressing the court. Moreover, given you listen to any individual questions should also be standing. 6. To answer questions of the court, the parties or the prosecutor should, if possible shortly. 7. Should speak only when you give word. If the judge forgot to give it for you, but questioned others, and tries to go to the next question, simply ask to speak. 8. Questions the court and the prosecutor are entitled to ask you not under any circumstances – and the court prosecutor not to answer questions, unless a request to clarify their question (if he nedoponyat).


In our time of economic crisis, the work can be found not everyone. So a natural question arises: whether the unemployed foreigners to seek narrowed outside Germany? In response, we present the court decision. 'Divided' wife. Thus, in Germany, with the status of "Jewish" refugees with permanent residence, he lived a native of Georgia. He arrived recently, so the work has not yet found, and was the beneficiary, in material terms is completely dependent on the state. But this fact was not major headache young man. All his thoughts were directed to be reunited with his young wife and live here in Germany. Especially because she was pregnant. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Sherrod Brown.

The fact that the spouse with the unborn child will be far from him, feeling the need and lack of adequate medical care, public officials, of course, was not interested. For the formal condition – Sicherung des Lebensunterhalts – was not satisfied. Our hero is himself dependent on the state aid, not to mention his wife and unborn child. Anticipating the inevitable failure, the couple decided not to start the procedure for family reunification. But the issue on behalf of a young woman relative of a guest invitation to witnesses at least for a short time – took a chance.

Visa, the spouse to enter Germany. Embassy released a month quickly flew. It's time for the journey. But before leaving the woman's condition deteriorated. The doctor confirmed that the homecoming, given the characteristics of pregnancy, it is impossible (schwangerschaftsbedingt reiseunfahig). From that moment began the struggle for the right of spouses to reside in Germany.

Trademark Registration

Register a trademark you own or ordering, respectively, by an expert in intellectual property. If you decide to register a trademark yourself, then you need to: – Select the designation. Designation may be verbal, graphical and combined – Choose products and services for which you register a trademark and their classes, respectively – International Classification of Goods and Services; – Because the Law of Ukraine "On protection of rights to marks for goods and services" are defined terms of trademark registration, then you should check your chosen numbers on compliance with the conditions of obtaining legal protection – Prepare an application for trademark registration and other documents required for registration of trade mark; – Pay the fee for filing an application for registration brand – Apply and other necessary documents for registration of trademark in Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute. Speaking candidly Connecticut Senator told us the story. If you properly execute documents and filed a full list of documents, then some time (4-5 weeks) you will receive notification of the establishment of the date of application for registration of trade mark – then you have filed an application for trademark registration shall be subject to a formal and authoritative examination. If the designation complies with the conditions of obtaining legal protection, you will receive a decision on registration of the brand – Over 3 months from date of receipt of the decision to register the brand you need to pay and file evidence of such payment Ukrainian Industrial Property Institute state fee for issuing a certificate and a fee for the publication of statements about the trademark registration. If self-registration brand recommended to study in detail the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Rights to Marks for Goods and Services and Rules of drawing up and filing for a certificate of Ukraine for the sign for the goods and services." As the registration trademark requires the solution of many problems – namely, the conditions for obtaining legal protection for the brand, the correct choice of classes of goods and services for which will be recorded trademark right registration, so please refer to specialists who provide qualified services for trademark registration.. Official site: Richard Blumenthal.


In the Netherlands – Holland, these powers were transferred to local authorities. In each Dutch municipality has its own department issuing building permits. These local departments examine whether the filed application for the design requirements of local zoning plan, as well as local and general building codes. The building plan in the Netherlands – Netherlands must comply with the technical and environmental requirements for safety, strength and health. In the end, the Committee on Architecture (Welstandscommissie) decides whether the design of existing buildings and the local landscape from an aesthetic point of view.

By the authority issuing the license in the Netherlands – the Netherlands are the Mayor and members of city government. Validity depends on the type of building permit. If the building plan complies with the rules and regulations, then the mayor and members of the municipal government in the Netherlands – Holland must issue a permit for six or twelve weeks (in Depending on the type of building permit) from the date of receipt. They may extend the period once for a maximum of six weeks. The expiry date is the deadline.

If they do not make a decision within this period, permission is granted by law. If the building plan does not comply with the rules and regulations, but it is necessary to benefit from a zoning plan, the mayor and members of the city administration are still subject to the deadline only in this case it is – a rough period. Authorities often exceeded the time limit. Applicants must pay a fee for the department permission to build, to ensure that their application reviewed. The amount of payment depends on the total estimated construction costs. If the application is rejected, the fee will be refunded only partially or not at all to grow up. Each application must be accompanied by a large set of prescribed plans construction drawings and calculations.

Alex Raskin

However, it is desirable to read what the policeman wrote down as your explanation and, if you think that you do not talk, it would require corrections of his statements. Make a note all the circumstances of the case. If possible, take pictures, measure the required distance, note the exact address of the site, details of witnesses, notice how many police officers. It is not excluded that in the future, all these data will be of great value. If you received a protocol – an invitation to the court, a large selection of actions you have. Determine the need for participation in the lawyer and the appointed time present yourselves before the judge. If you have received from the police report with the requirement to pay a fine, then you have several options.

The first – to pay the fine within ninety days of its receipt. Payment penalty equal to confess guilt. Since the payment amount to begin penalized for violation of the vehicle. After payment of a fine not to apply to the court. The second – within thirty days after receiving the penalty can go to the police to revoke the fine or replace it with a warning. The downside of this treatment is that while the police did not respond, you can not go in court. Consequently, if the police response takes ninety days, the driver loses the right to request to sue.

The third – within ninety days from the date of receipt to request a penalty on trial. It must be remembered that if you submitted a request to sue, but then thought better of it and to the court decision and paid a fine for this overdue payment period of ninety days, the penalty increases. To make the right decision on whether to go to court, it is necessary to weigh the possibility of winning the case. You must also determine whether you can defend yourself in court or do you need a lawyer. Often in cases involving with fines representation by counsel in court is not always economically feasible, and perhaps that is enough to get a board lawyer. Furthermore, we must clearly understand that in case you lose the case the judge can oblige to pay the fine exceeding the original. Please sue filed on a form attached to a fine. Send a request must be through registered mail. Make sure you specify the return address – this is the address to which you get your mail. If in the future you will be invited to appear at court, and you do not get due to the fact that, for example, you have changed address, the court will make a decision without your presence, and subsequently cancel it will not be easy.