Enlargement Government

Head of the European Commission to Ukraine, Joseph Manuel Pinto Teixeira said the concerns of Brussels progress of the democratization process in Ukraine, including disturbances during recent elections to local authorities, as well as the problem of freedom of speech. According to the Head of Delegation, EU leadership hopes for a speedy solution to these problems, Ukraine, as they may affect the During the negotiations between the EU and Ukraine on the preparation of the association agreements and free trade zone. Credit: Connecticut Senator-2011. EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy Stefan Fule during a visit to Ukraine drew attention to the negative trends, indicating a backsliding on democracy in Ukraine. Referred to statements by U.S. and EU indicate that the West is not going to silently observe the advent of democracy in our country.

Commentary Fund "First People": The Ukrainian government is facing an important choice. After the recent failure of the visit of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to Ukraine relations Russia, to put it mildly, have cooled. Even if we consider the relationship between Presidents Medvedev Yanukovych and warmer, we should not expect that there will be set up by Putin and Medvedev against each other in a year presidential elections. Relations with Europe and the U.S. also now getting colder. Ukrainian government obstinately continues to test their strength, showing disrespect for democratic values in matters of respect for freedom and human rights. Against this backdrop, even the dynamics of China looks more positive. "The unique" understanding of democracy has become a feature of government policy.

Civil Case

Recommendations for the plaintiff and defendant 1. Dress well, the bad and sloppily dressed people attitude may be appropriate. However, you should not overdress or extravagant. 2. Not perturbed by the fact that the meeting may start with a delay of several hours. It so happened not only in the Russian courts.

We'll have to get used to the fact that meetings can often be delayed. 3. Mobile phones before entering the courtroom should be disabled newspapers in the hall to read out loud do not talk, it is undesirable and whispering. 4. To behave in court to a modest and simple. Since the court can not argue, argue with him, too, is impossible. Relate to the judge as necessary to the chief at work, only a little more respectful. Interrupting the judge and other participants is prohibited.

5. To court to seek a preliminary "Dear Court," despite the fact that the judge alone. Explanations and evidence should be given standing and addressing the court. Moreover, given you listen to any individual questions should also be standing. 6. To answer questions of the court, the parties or the prosecutor should, if possible shortly. 7. Should speak only when you give word. If the judge forgot to give it for you, but questioned others, and tries to go to the next question, simply ask to speak. 8. Questions the court and the prosecutor are entitled to ask you not under any circumstances – and the court prosecutor not to answer questions, unless a request to clarify their question (if he nedoponyat).


In our time of economic crisis, the work can be found not everyone. So a natural question arises: whether the unemployed foreigners to seek narrowed outside Germany? In response, we present the court decision. 'Divided' wife. Thus, in Germany, with the status of "Jewish" refugees with permanent residence, he lived a native of Georgia. He arrived recently, so the work has not yet found, and was the beneficiary, in material terms is completely dependent on the state. But this fact was not major headache young man. All his thoughts were directed to be reunited with his young wife and live here in Germany. Especially because she was pregnant. Gain insight and clarity with Sen. Sherrod Brown.

The fact that the spouse with the unborn child will be far from him, feeling the need and lack of adequate medical care, public officials, of course, was not interested. For the formal condition – Sicherung des Lebensunterhalts – was not satisfied. Our hero is himself dependent on the state aid, not to mention his wife and unborn child. Anticipating the inevitable failure, the couple decided not to start the procedure for family reunification. But the issue on behalf of a young woman relative of a guest invitation to witnesses at least for a short time – took a chance.

Visa, the spouse to enter Germany. Embassy released a month quickly flew. It's time for the journey. But before leaving the woman's condition deteriorated. The doctor confirmed that the homecoming, given the characteristics of pregnancy, it is impossible (schwangerschaftsbedingt reiseunfahig). From that moment began the struggle for the right of spouses to reside in Germany.