In the Netherlands – Holland, these powers were transferred to local authorities. In each Dutch municipality has its own department issuing building permits. These local departments examine whether the filed application for the design requirements of local zoning plan, as well as local and general building codes. The building plan in the Netherlands – Netherlands must comply with the technical and environmental requirements for safety, strength and health. In the end, the Committee on Architecture (Welstandscommissie) decides whether the design of existing buildings and the local landscape from an aesthetic point of view.

By the authority issuing the license in the Netherlands – the Netherlands are the Mayor and members of city government. Validity depends on the type of building permit. If the building plan complies with the rules and regulations, then the mayor and members of the municipal government in the Netherlands – Holland must issue a permit for six or twelve weeks (in Depending on the type of building permit) from the date of receipt. They may extend the period once for a maximum of six weeks. The expiry date is the deadline.

If they do not make a decision within this period, permission is granted by law. If the building plan does not comply with the rules and regulations, but it is necessary to benefit from a zoning plan, the mayor and members of the city administration are still subject to the deadline only in this case it is – a rough period. Authorities often exceeded the time limit. Applicants must pay a fee for the department permission to build, to ensure that their application reviewed. The amount of payment depends on the total estimated construction costs. If the application is rejected, the fee will be refunded only partially or not at all to grow up. Each application must be accompanied by a large set of prescribed plans construction drawings and calculations.