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It is not yet over, loved, and general application to fill the vacant position. The application need to specify the requirements for candidacy, duties and salaries. If the department of Labour (arbaytsamt) was unable to approve your application within three months, you get the right conclusion contract with the employees of their choice, including a foreign national (ie, yourself). Do not forget to properly formulate your requirements in the application so that would fit under them and you alone, and nobody else. Otherwise hard time to beat off the challengers. It really helps if your business is international in nature, and your professional qualifications (possession of their native language, knowing the mentality of foreign clients, professional training, etc.) can be served as a unique, in which your company needs just disastrous.

And then write a smaller salary. What would be living in Germany for this position is not hankering. Phase matching nomination of the foreign specialist (ie, you) in the Office of Labour can be omitted if the application to indicate a monthly salary of 4,500 euros. For highly skilled (ie, paid) foreign professionals there is preferential employment, which permit officials is not required. It should be understood that the payment of 'body' salaries – it's your private business. The main thing that would be taxes on that salary tax (finansamt) came neatly and clearly. Then you claim to have no will. Next you need to agree a contract with the Office for Foreigners.

You can skip this step, but you must understand that the documents filed for registration of your working visa will not be seen at the embassy, but it will be forwarded to the Office for Foreigners (auslenderamt) the place of registration of your company. And a decision will be given clerk, sitting in the neighborhood. So much better if, before the official receipt of the documents will interview with a German lawyer representing your interests. Then the chances of a positive, and most importantly a quick solution to the problem will become noticeably higher. Want to let things take their course with unpredictable results, you can save money on attorney's fees. And if you want to deliberately positive result, then you know what to do. This scheme is legal in all 100 interest and provides a residence permit in Germany as soon as possible with minimal effort. And, you not only get a residence permit, but the source of support in the form of your business. It is clear that the very business issues we bring to the scope of this article. This is a separate issue. But if it scares you and you do not think you can build a business so that he is guaranteed to provide you with money, then you should think about it, but if you need generally move to Germany. Social benefits are not paid to all categories of citizens. Are you under the state just do not get a freebie. If you are not afraid of difficulties, you are welcome to Ridny Doychlyandiyu. These people are needed. Axel Stefan, an expert on business immigration, Cologne office Impexi Consulting Ltd. See more detailed opinions by reading what James Donovan Goldman offers on the topic.. This article is the survey material may not qualify for full coverage of the topic, let alone replace individual consultation immigration specialist. Read More on website

The Product

And if sales is the flagship company, in this case, the department Marketing is a set of guiding beacon in its path. Some contend that novelist shows great expertise in this. The next feature of the marketing department – Understanding. In other words we can say that it is working on publications and promotional items. It also may include such Department of unimportant, as the development and creation of trade marks, logos, slogans, corporate colors, fonts, etc. If we continue moreplavatelnuyu theme, as they say, "How do you call a ship, so it will float!". All that is exterior design of the product in particular and the company has a direct impact on the result of the company and its market position.

Understanding the function to include activities as the marketing department aimed at developing, development and manufacture PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS. That is to say, silent, but verbose presentation of the product and the company. And, often, the quality of advertising products, as well as the timing of its production directly affect the success of product sales. The outcome of the department in this direction should be the promotional materials that will allow the company to have a good reputation in the market, as well as lead to an increase in orders. Development and implementation of advertising campaigns, as well as analysis of their effectiveness – another element of the marketing department to implement the functions of Understanding.

Qualitatively trained and conducted promotions department to help increase sales volume of a product, and analysis of the effectiveness of these actions allows you to control and reduce costs for its sale, and, consequently, reduce its cost, which directly affects the company's profit in whole. So, in the context of interaction with the sales department, marketing department provides the preparations for the participation of sales in trade fairs. And these events often determine the outcome of this participation. Understanding function requires sales staff qualities such as creativity, responsibility and diligence.

Multilevel Marketing

Today, the Internet, there are many companies working on the principle of MLM. Mnogogurovnevy marketing from the real environment is moved to the virtual one. And why not? Today, for the presentation of a business and the Internet enough tools: website, newsletters, blogs, video tutorials, communication in a social network … and information about a particular company distributed fast enough. Once registered, the partners make their website, again advertising or product, or company, and little by little, a little advertising component is transformed into a huge avalanche, falling on the heads of people. Internet marketing is gaining more and more space.

But what’s interesting in the whole this process is that the face of marketing is changing. If the distributor was used to challenge myself to go and look for potential partners, it is now largely no longer true. People will look for a company whose earnings and this phenomenon – the result the fact that people come to the Internet for information. All this also puts a mark on the online business. Automating it happens. Now none of the successful entrepreneur can do without the active application avtoresponder – Bulk mailer letters, e-books for Viral Marketing, communication on blogs.

Without this, all he would simply choke the flow of letters, subscriptions, or would not have had an influx of new interested visitors. No Internet tools for modern business seems to be impossible. In light of this becomes even more obvious what a powerful package offers, say, a corporation or company Intway Inmarket. Already, the ability to use tools – it is a necessity for anyone wanting to reach a maximum in the business. But what most people who do not yet understand the emerging tendency? Or, if you understand, still can not decide? As would they be? They may be happy to be joined to the active MLM companies would become partners, and here, the prices bite. After the package ‘Partner’, for example, costs $ 299 and it a lot. And the man who yesterday was connected to the Internet unlikely to immediately lay out this amount for the services of the company. So what? Everything is so hopeless? None. On the contrary. Today, the Internet, there is another project whose goal is, just: to prepare the ground for entry into the well-known MLM company minimal cost. I will not describe here, in the article the essence of this project. You can get to know him, read the book ‘one-dollar millionaire – the 21 st century technology “I can only say that for many people today have a real chance to join, eventually, to the best MLM companies. 21 century – the century of business automation, who will be able to put it on autopilot, he will win the time, the struggle for the buyer and find their business niche in the Internet space. Having ears, let him too …

Learning Corporation

It consists of: – exchange terminal Intway Stock; – by VRS in a virtual Reserve – opening an account on the Russian stock market – the possibility to activate extra lines terminal for work on the U.S. stock markets;-subscription service “Stock Advisor” – Tech support, as well as access to vidiokursu on stock trading. The cost of the client pack “Business – Home -59 IWM. For recommending puck get rewards – 10 IWM. As a personal bonus of 20 points in the global bonus program. Learning stock trading. For those who first start to trading, looking to learn more about the Exchange, to hear the opinion of professionals and make conclusions for themselves, Intway World Corparation proposes to investigate vydiokurs.

And also take correspondence courses at the centers Learning Corporation. Each course lasts 6-7 days. Contains, both theoretical and practical knowledge. In particular, provides a demo version and the real exchange terminals. Typically, after passing rates, people are beginning to consistently and confidently make money. Vidiokurs “Fundamentals of investing in the stock markets.” Available for each partner of the corporation. Gives you the basics of exchange of knowledge.

Answer all questions raised, showing the beginners. Course “The Russian stock market.” Strategy and commercial subjects is a professional 7-day training in the stock market. For the week of the newbies you turn, if a professionals, in person, trained in the stock investment. You will be able to execute transactions for profit. Course “Stock Trader”. Course on Bay treydengu ie daily earning money on the U.S. stock markets. Designed for those. who wants to work on the exchange sdklat main source of income. The course explains the procedure for tendering, the subtleties of technical news analysis, strategies that have proven one trading ssesiey. “7 Steps to a million.” The course is a strategic investment in the U.S. stock market. Dedicated to fundamental and technical analysis. From it you will learn how to process factors, and keep track of indicators companies expect profit growth for any of the shares. The most crowded course for those people who have a desire to invest in securities of emergency and long term. Tools and special education necessary for those partners Intway World Corparation, who cares about preserving their nasalnogo capital in the stock market.