Underwriting Department

Situation, particularly on a number of regions, is critical. Therefore, insurers are expecting that this year will be at least adopted changes in the part of the correction factors (mostly territorial) to basic insurance rates. As we know from the press, such changes can take effect from March this year ", – said deputy Head of Underwriting Department, individual insurance JSC "Kapital Insurance" Elena Salahetdinova. "Long overdue in tariff adjustments, which are practically not changed with Since the introduction of CTP in 2003. While a half-hearted decision made only a change of correction factors to the rates, but the basic rates are the same "- agrees Constantine Merzlyakov. ted topic. Certainly, these factors impact on the market CTP, more precisely, the players in this market, so perhaps reduce their number, as not all insurers will have time to adapt quickly to new working conditions, and loss factor is becoming critical for some regions. "The Ministry of Finance prepared a draft government decree" On introducing changes in insurance rates for compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners.

" Basic rates officials decided to leave earlier, revising the rates on a number of cities, as well as the capacity of machines, age and driving experience. It is planned that the document will come into force on 1 March this year, "- like Christian Curtis. Alexander Gurdus told to "Profile", in what are these changes: the Ministry of Finance, estimating loss-making by CTP in each region, the town regrouped to territorial factors, but also made a number of adjustments in other factors. In addition to this factor will be increased according to the tariffs for compulsory motor TPL insurance for auto power from 50 to 70 hp from 0.7 to 0.9, including a large proportion of older domestic vehicles, passenger cars for high-rate has been reduced. MOF also proposes to increase rates, taking into account the age and driving experience (drivers with less than three years will have to pay even more).