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Banks. Sometimes active. Increasingly conservative. Sometimes creative. Often boring. Remote service in banks. More often.

Rarely effective. Even less – comfortable. Do you share our view that the conservatism of banks in services, above all – distance, has hampered the bank's clients? You, too, believes that banks, given their social and economic role, simply must be to be active, innovative and closer to the customers? We are pleased announce that starting a marketing campaign "Bank Web 2.0. Congressman Lee Zeldin addresses the importance of the matter here. On the official website of the marketing campaign we will tell you the widest possible audience of bank customers and bank employees on how to be and should be a remote service in the modern world, to share our ideas and systems, as the motto of our company – Systems and Ideas. In the twitter blog campaign (Gemini Banking) we will be happy to hear your opinion about what is lacking in mobile or Internet banks, discuss and together work out a better solution – and who knows, maybe it is you make a breakthrough in IT for banks, which will determine the future form of banking? – We are the analytical department of the European companies, representing a market of Russia, CIS and Central and Eastern European portfolio of innovative products GEMINI.

For many years we are working in Europe and preparing materials on subjects of remote banking and Technology in banking activities in the main languages of our group. Our newsletters from the past millennium are distributed at exhibitions and conferences, as well as to interested managers of our customers. Now is the time to share old and new materials through our web resource bankweb20. Ru and Gemini banking group at, twitter blog gemini banking.

Underwriting Department

Situation, particularly on a number of regions, is critical. Therefore, insurers are expecting that this year will be at least adopted changes in the part of the correction factors (mostly territorial) to basic insurance rates. As we know from the press, such changes can take effect from March this year ", – said deputy Head of Underwriting Department, individual insurance JSC "Kapital Insurance" Elena Salahetdinova. "Long overdue in tariff adjustments, which are practically not changed with Since the introduction of CTP in 2003. While a half-hearted decision made only a change of correction factors to the rates, but the basic rates are the same "- agrees Constantine Merzlyakov. ted topic. Certainly, these factors impact on the market CTP, more precisely, the players in this market, so perhaps reduce their number, as not all insurers will have time to adapt quickly to new working conditions, and loss factor is becoming critical for some regions. "The Ministry of Finance prepared a draft government decree" On introducing changes in insurance rates for compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners.

" Basic rates officials decided to leave earlier, revising the rates on a number of cities, as well as the capacity of machines, age and driving experience. It is planned that the document will come into force on 1 March this year, "- like Christian Curtis. Alexander Gurdus told to "Profile", in what are these changes: the Ministry of Finance, estimating loss-making by CTP in each region, the town regrouped to territorial factors, but also made a number of adjustments in other factors. In addition to this factor will be increased according to the tariffs for compulsory motor TPL insurance for auto power from 50 to 70 hp from 0.7 to 0.9, including a large proportion of older domestic vehicles, passenger cars for high-rate has been reduced. MOF also proposes to increase rates, taking into account the age and driving experience (drivers with less than three years will have to pay even more).

Innovation Policy Department

On the priority projects being implemented in the Kirov region, the plans of the leadership of the region in search for investors explains Head of Investment and Innovation Policy Department economic development under the Government of the Kirov oblast Sergei Tolstobrov. Recently Sen. Sherrod Brown sought to clarify these questions. – That ended in 2007. It is time to summarize. Sergey, you can tell about the investment activities of the government area in the past year? Noticeably an improvement compared to previous years? – The Government's Kirov oblast regional investment policy yields positive results. If you look at the past, then You can see that for the period from 2003 to 2005, investment in fixed assets had steady growth of 30 percent per year. In 2005, the region from all sources of funding were utilized 17.09 billion rubles.

On operational data, we obtained, the amount of exploration investment in 2006 amounted to 24.9 billion rubles, or 132.8 per cent in a comparable assessment to the level of 2005. As for the past year, and there managed to maintain relatively high investment growth in fixed capital. The results of 11 months (January – November) showed that the investment was 24.6 billion rubles, or 42.9 percent more than the same period last year. – Growth is evident. And by implementation of public investment could achieve such performance? – Remembering the events of 2007, I note start new equipment at JSC "Omutninsk Steel Works". The project of reconstruction of steelmaking, costing 770 million rubles, provided the output of steel in open-hearth furnaces at its processing unit, "Ladle".

Manufacturing Company

Episode 5 a great expert on a portion of such certificates was 28-year-old Sergei S. on a false passport, he gained credit in 12 banks totaling more than 500,000 rubles. In order to confirm their ability to pay, he himself printed the statement of earnings and put them in print non-existent companies. Zamorochit to head the security services, he designed the forms of these certificates “special way: the top in big letters he wrote CORPORATION, and below, the fine print: Manufacturing Company. Thus, a bank clerk, who checked the papers, it seems as though no one well-known private company is a subdivision of the well-known giant of the construction industry in Moscow and its environs.

The audit was conducted not as thoroughly and as a result deceiver not denied credit. Sergey S. committed yet another tricky combination – to prove the legality of their income to banks, it temporarily, under a false name, a job in a small firm, which had a staff of only two employees: general director and his secretary. The firm was engaged in “cashing” money, the real business is not conducted, and when Sergei S. promised her leadership the new money for new clients, CEO, without thinking twice, appointed by rogue Commercial Director, and entrusting him to print the company departed rest in Turkey. Fraudster made himself first of all thirty copies of statement of earnings and persuaded the young secretary, to make it in the absence of all calls from the bank meets, though he is not working for two days and two years.

For this, he promised the girl to buy a mobile phone with a camera … However, in most cases, swindlers are much easier (not zamorachivayas!): The forms of certificates of income instead of a telephone company, where they supposedly work, print of telephone your friends and acquaintances who are with them in concert. According to the job description the employee security should not limited to telephone conversations, personally go to the place of work and residence of the client and carefully figure out where all the questions. But unfortunately, this rule does not comply with all and not always otherwise would not have been such significant losses banks from the activities of fraudsters. Most responsible conduct credit checks former secret service officers who have rich experience in such matters. One of these security officers denounced the bank fraudster who tried to get considerable credit with a false passport. This passport holder was careless enough to rent out rogue’s apartment, and besides, yet somehow left unattended when their papers. The attacker stole them, pasted back my picture and went for a loan. The bank, in the past – on-line worker at a glance that the passport is fake, so called not only home to “Borrower”, but also to its neighbors, whose numbers he found in the background. He managed to find among them people who knew this family and they gave him the address and telephone number of the wife of the present owner of the passport, where he resided in this moment. This passport holder told the security officers of the bank that no credit was not going to take and does not intend, and his passport somewhere lost.