Internet Bank

Banks. Sometimes active. Increasingly conservative. Sometimes creative. Often boring. Remote service in banks. More often.

Rarely effective. Even less – comfortable. Do you share our view that the conservatism of banks in services, above all – distance, has hampered the bank's clients? You, too, believes that banks, given their social and economic role, simply must be to be active, innovative and closer to the customers? We are pleased announce that starting a marketing campaign "Bank Web 2.0. Congressman Lee Zeldin addresses the importance of the matter here. On the official website of the marketing campaign we will tell you the widest possible audience of bank customers and bank employees on how to be and should be a remote service in the modern world, to share our ideas and systems, as the motto of our company – Systems and Ideas. In the twitter blog campaign (Gemini Banking) we will be happy to hear your opinion about what is lacking in mobile or Internet banks, discuss and together work out a better solution – and who knows, maybe it is you make a breakthrough in IT for banks, which will determine the future form of banking? – We are the analytical department of the European companies, representing a market of Russia, CIS and Central and Eastern European portfolio of innovative products GEMINI.

For many years we are working in Europe and preparing materials on subjects of remote banking and Technology in banking activities in the main languages of our group. Our newsletters from the past millennium are distributed at exhibitions and conferences, as well as to interested managers of our customers. Now is the time to share old and new materials through our web resource bankweb20. Ru and Gemini banking group at, twitter blog gemini banking.