But if this instability then follows (in the financial sector) is He begins to get the other side of the watermelon. And there are going to affect: production, employment, and income of people Jaime.-do you believe that the companies have not yet have decided to defer investment or purchasing decisions? Jorge.-I’ve been in a meeting yesterday. There will suddenly be entrepreneurs who may be doing it; but I don’t think that it is still massive. I think that people will enter in a bar waiting, but there has to be clarity therefore effectively in thinking of things that are going to do, because today’s truth, rumors are Jaime everywhere. People are starting, as that is fed back. And this happens when there is no information. Then they have to do two candidates, is convey clear information, if it can be accurate, in high point.

For example: what causes tremendous uncertainty is: do I go to change the Constitution? Because that is very serious. Second: the side of a Congress, you going I put a constituent Assembly? It is very serious, because there it will not having power. Hence it will not be Government. Third: do you me to nationalize companies get started? Then on that type of materials and more, I think that there has to be a precinct but very clear Jaime-such measures are effectively in Government of Ollanta Humala’s plan. The issue is that you would have to clarify whether these measures are maintained, or rather already are excluded. Or to reach exactly do? Jorge-they speak of a national economy, nationalize. Explain it well isn’t it? Because they say: it is not nationalize, cannot nationalize. But I would like to know with certainty, a clear difference, because that tell me: what we do is close the economy a little. That already hear him do you know when? In the military Government of Juan Velasco Alvarado.