Legal Protection

Environment and its legal protection the concern of the human being with its quality of life and the protection of the environment currently only received mere importance ahead of the catastrophes that come happening. In accordance with the studies carried through for Jean Dorst (1914, p.113-114), ' ' it can evidence that each time more clearly the activities human beings are harming our proper species …. the auto man if poisons, in the literal meaning of the term, the air that breathes, to the water of the rivers and the ground of its culturas' '. As a survey made in all the continents referring to the cooperation between itself in this subject, the Doctor Michel Beaud (1993, p.11) observed that ' ' the humanity indissociavelmente is joined and at the same time deeply divided. Joined search exchange of ideas, information, images and divided she increases the inaqualities, conflicts and rejeies' '. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. Thus being able to notice that it is almost impossible to have a bigger cooperation between the individuals, still more when the subject is half environment, therefore is of the same that in great majority it removes raw material to manufacture products and consequentemente to get profits. knowing that we live in a capitalist society, the great industries never would go to want to make something that came to harm its capital, giving little or no attention to the environment. The first public manifestation on the environment was made by Jose Bonifcio de Andrade and Silva, in 1815, where it affirmed that ' ' if the navigation (in that period) aviventa the commerce and the farming, cannot have navigation without rivers, cannot have rivers without sources, does not have sources without rains, does not have rain without humidity, does not have humidity without floresta' '. Thus being able to notice that since then a same concern that with the environment was had primitive, but it was not enough, therefore one was we would not be facing the current situation.

Brazilian Discrimination

The process of the exclusion strong and is catalyzed by intolerncia and ojeriza to the difference and diversity, the recognition of this deficit of social support reveals necessary stops with the Brazilian black community. The inclusion of these individuals in the context and the daily dynamics of the social one is imperative. The examination of conscience and reflection that must be considered the society is delineated by the necessity to assent space to that they had not had, does not have and probably they will not have supplied, the necessities most basic so that thus it can be defined as individual that is truily, intellectually and worthy equal to excessively. The equality that if speaks is not the deed of division, consecrated in the Federal Constitution, but the proper constitutional command of if materializing the effective equality. Material equality, distributive justice (that it shares chances) capable to revert, in the plan of the facts, the effect gifts of a past discrimination and so evidenced it ties today. It is not simply to grant to benefits the definitive group, in a species of ' ' discrimination positiva' ' , more to guarantee the proper constitutional text and the dignity of the person human being. Mechanism of inclusion for such effect can be defined as affirmative actions.

The affirmative actions can be appraised as being: politics public (and also private) directed to the neutralization of the effect of the racial discrimination, sort, age, national origin and physical compleio, aim at to not only fight the manifestations discrimination instants, but also the cultural, structural, taken root deep discrimination of in the society. This effective equality appears in some forms modalities as the racial quotas in the ingression to superior education. It guarantees superior education to the black population, that in its immense majority, is poor and it does not have access to the education of quality base.

Legislative Executive

In this century after-modern all we are called to carry out a serious and engaged profetismo with the life in all the scopes: ambient, social, cultural, spiritual, economic, politician and human being. We as not only Christian or of any another denomination religious-spiritual more also as citizens () pertaining to the great community which are it City, the State or Country we must play the functions that fit in them in uncurling of the common good so that all have life in abundance. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. We cannot more to each year that if passes in the natalinas parties, of new year or in other commemorative festividades to continue festejando in our small groups whereas hungry, needy, ill, illiterate bigger groups of is begging for plates of foods, remedies, shelters, leves of periodical or of cardboard to pass the night in the mortal cold that devastates its lives, therefore, we must develop projects of social transformation and not to play role of good samaritanos distributing basic baskets contributing with a cheap assistencialismo that contribute very little or in nothing stops with that he is in situation of life risk passing for necessities. It makes if necessary and is question ethical of urgency urgentssima in to withhold them on what it is basic to construct the true prespio of Christ in a society in which where all can live with dignity, that all can have access the health, education, the family, housing, the reading, to the leisure, to and the just worthy work, income generation so that they can be citizens and to play its citizenship taking care of and watching over of the community for the good of all.. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Constitutionalistic Revolution

When it was notified, in So Paulo, in the year of 1954, by occasion of the commemorations of plus one year of the Constitutionalistic Revolution of 32, that one of the So Paulo flags, in the solemnity of the Pteo of the College would be displayed by Chiquinha Owner, one anci, much people thought that one was about some farmer of coffee, of one of these ' ' capits' ' of the economic progress of So Paulo. Soon, however, it came the clarification. ' ' Chiquinha owner collaborates, yes, for this progress, not as farmer, but with its work and its filhos' '. She had nothing less than 120 years. Other leaders such as Sen. Sherrod Brown offer similar insights. She is born there for 1834 return, son of enslaved mother and enslaved also she was. First with its arm of captive, later, with its arm of free citizen, much worked until the years if they had accumulated and the hair if embranqueceram. It said, in aluso to its white hair: ' ' I deny it when it paints already passed of the one hundred and trinta' '.

had reason Already he was vov Chiquinha and very already it had contributed as thousand of other slaves free workers, for the progress of So Paulo and of Brazil. Learn more at: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. During every year of its life he learned to love the land where he was born and where he lived. She was a witness of the pioneering tradition of the So Paulo people, of its fights and of its yearnings witness who had taken part of the events has a century more than. In 1842, with only 8 years, it saw to march liberal battalions of the Tobias de Aguiar; in 1866, it saw to break the troops route to Paraguay in the Battle of the Tuiuti; it witnessed the heroic days of the referring to abolitionism campaign and cried and it praid for the black refugee of the Jabaquara; it attended dawn of the Republic; already with 98 years, it saw to enter in So Paulo the ones that had crossed Itarar to establish a new order in Brazil; with almost a life century, it was irmanou with the constitutionalists of 32.


This practical backwards many benefits for the population beyond the embelezamento of the landscape, the trees supply shade, and when a wooden structure popularly known by &#039 is planted; ' garajau' ' it is placed with the objective to protect the plant to serve of food for the animals. In this in case that, the arborization was promoted by the city hall and the type of chosen tree was nim whose scientific name is Azadirachta indicates. the Juss, being an exotic tree of Indiana origin, however it very adaptou well to Brazil and the Northeast region, which had its capacity of resistance to the time of estiagem and flat ground and little developed. We perceive that the firmamento meets cloudy. Under these conditions can or not it precipitation since the formed vapor clouds d' water and aerosols in the semibarren climate are wasted by the high temperature. The population that inhabits the habitacional set, this subordinate directly to the public politics promoted by state. Exactly thus through its daily experience it prints marks, that transform the landscape through its culture, beliefs and way of life.

In infogrfico 01 we perceive as the integrant elements of the paisagstico scene form a linked system where the society is the inductive factor of movement of the gears, conditioning the functioning and in the generation of new configurations in the space-time. Infogrfico 01 Landscape system of linked elements. NEW LANDSCAPES SOCIETY Source: proper elaboration the organization of the form-contents more the society is responsible for the dynamics that originates other scenes. From the respective analysis we perceive that the constituent elements of landscape directly is interrelated; each one made use with a specific function previously determined by the society that also is combined as part of the landscape.