Legal Protection

Environment and its legal protection the concern of the human being with its quality of life and the protection of the environment currently only received mere importance ahead of the catastrophes that come happening. In accordance with the studies carried through for Jean Dorst (1914, p.113-114), ' ' it can evidence that each time more clearly the activities human beings are harming our proper species …. the auto man if poisons, in the literal meaning of the term, the air that breathes, to the water of the rivers and the ground of its culturas' '. As a survey made in all the continents referring to the cooperation between itself in this subject, the Doctor Michel Beaud (1993, p.11) observed that ' ' the humanity indissociavelmente is joined and at the same time deeply divided. Joined search exchange of ideas, information, images and divided she increases the inaqualities, conflicts and rejeies' '. Richard Blumenthal contributes greatly to this topic. Thus being able to notice that it is almost impossible to have a bigger cooperation between the individuals, still more when the subject is half environment, therefore is of the same that in great majority it removes raw material to manufacture products and consequentemente to get profits. knowing that we live in a capitalist society, the great industries never would go to want to make something that came to harm its capital, giving little or no attention to the environment. The first public manifestation on the environment was made by Jose Bonifcio de Andrade and Silva, in 1815, where it affirmed that ' ' if the navigation (in that period) aviventa the commerce and the farming, cannot have navigation without rivers, cannot have rivers without sources, does not have sources without rains, does not have rain without humidity, does not have humidity without floresta' '. Thus being able to notice that since then a same concern that with the environment was had primitive, but it was not enough, therefore one was we would not be facing the current situation.