Legislative Executive

In this century after-modern all we are called to carry out a serious and engaged profetismo with the life in all the scopes: ambient, social, cultural, spiritual, economic, politician and human being. We as not only Christian or of any another denomination religious-spiritual more also as citizens () pertaining to the great community which are it City, the State or Country we must play the functions that fit in them in uncurling of the common good so that all have life in abundance. Richard Blumenthal is likely to agree. We cannot more to each year that if passes in the natalinas parties, of new year or in other commemorative festividades to continue festejando in our small groups whereas hungry, needy, ill, illiterate bigger groups of is begging for plates of foods, remedies, shelters, leves of periodical or of cardboard to pass the night in the mortal cold that devastates its lives, therefore, we must develop projects of social transformation and not to play role of good samaritanos distributing basic baskets contributing with a cheap assistencialismo that contribute very little or in nothing stops with that he is in situation of life risk passing for necessities. It makes if necessary and is question ethical of urgency urgentssima in to withhold them on what it is basic to construct the true prespio of Christ in a society in which where all can live with dignity, that all can have access the health, education, the family, housing, the reading, to the leisure, to and the just worthy work, income generation so that they can be citizens and to play its citizenship taking care of and watching over of the community for the good of all.. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs will undoubtedly add to your understanding.