Too Good To True Be

Museum for modern art Arnhem presents Otto Dix from October 17, 2010 to January 16, 2011 presents the Museum for modern art Arnhem the exhibition to right to be beautiful. The critical realism of Dix & co. The focus is the representation of the human form by the German artist Otto Dix (1891-1969) and his students, as well as by artists who worked in the same style. The new objectivity “was used for the first time in 1925 as the title of an exhibition in the Kunsthalle Mannheim. This introduced a new trend in modern art. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The emotionless depiction of everyday life issues and a fondness for simplicity were characteristic of this flow. The term Neue Sachlichkeit acted as a collective term for several related developments, of which the so-called veristic, proletarian critical direction is the best known. The artists Otto Dix deemed to figurehead of this flow. Otto Dix was active in Dresden and Berlin the most important centres of the Neue Sachlichkeit, Hanover and Karlsruhe. 1927 was Dix was appointed Professor at the Academy of art in Dresden, received the this new impetus. The man, especially the (self) portrait was Dix’ main theme. This exhibition also focuses on the reproduction of the human being; the accent is on artists from the outskirts of Dresden.

Paintings and drawings by Dix and his students are shown but also by artists who worked in a similar style, such as Conrad Felixmuller, Otto Griebel, Kurt Gunther and Wilhelm Lachnit. Addition to works are exhibited by Chris de Moor, a Dutch artist who worked and made there haunting portraits of him from 1928 to 1929 when Dix in the Academy. The works of Dix & co were Dutch artists as a role model. in 1929, the first exhibition of foreign artists of the new objectivity was organized in Amsterdam, which was also the last exhibition to this flow. Although Dix itself was lacking, the group from Dresden was well represented. In 1930, but you could do in the Netherlands often see works by Dix, also in solo exhibitions. His socio-critical approach to the art has been declared in 1933 in Nazi Germany “degenerate”; Works of his were confiscated and even destroyed. Other works were lost in the bombing of Dresden in February 1945. Some of his students such as gussy Ahnert, Rudolf Bergander, Habib Hamisch, Rudolf Nitschke, Curt Querner, Kurt Sillack and Erica dispute came later in GDR times international into oblivion. But also in their home country the works of this artist as collector’s items and precursor be rediscovered in recent years. The exhibition will be an extensively illustrated book with an essay by ype Koopmans, the curator for modern and contemporary art of the MMKA. Background the Museum for modern art Arnhem has the job, international forms of realism, as well as design from Arnhem to collecting and presenting. Focus on magical realism, other currents of realism (1925-1960) and contemporary (feminist). In addition, the Museum houses the most important Dutch collection for jewellery design 1965th Museum voor modern art Arnhem, Utrechtseweg 87, Arnhem. Tel: (0031) (0) 26 3775300. opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 17: 00, Saturday and Sunday 11 17. Admission until 18 years free.

How Long You Remain In The Breach Between The Attachment And Indifference

Between the attachment and indifference a time interval exists, to this you determine it lapse your, and your permanence in that lapse will establish your degree of infelicidad and suffering, therefore at least time you last in that interval, but happiness you would experiment. In they indicate us to the buddhism that all the human suffering comes from desire, of the attachment to the things, to determined situations, expectations that we put in the results, therefore they invite to us to desapegar, to loosen to us, and to live in here and now. In my particular life I am observed when I am become attached, obstinate, to a result in particular, and state like, that, in a certain time interval generates state of tension and stress, therefore suffering, and at that precise moment beginning to work with the emotion that has untied because of a determined stimulus, to loosen but the soon possible attachment and to remain but short lapse within that breach that causes to pain and suffering to me. The pain, the suffering and the attachments generally are inevitable human situations and necessary, for our growth, for our sensitivity, but I try in the measurement of my possibilities of desapegar as rapidly as possible and of releasing me of the fastenings of the pain and the suffering to me that come to want to control to the others, to maintain expectations on results in our projects, desires to be right on a certain subject and incapacity to accept the facts and the reality among others. We are sensible, vulnerable human beings therefore the attachment and the addictions comprise of our weaknesses, we have attachment to our children, pair, friendly, pleasures, to the money, the food, among others, that is very normal, the problem resides in our incapacity to loosen, to give off to us and that process of liberation lasts long time, then our degree of infelicidad as the Buddhists say is immense. I am not Buddhist, I am catholic Christian, but it enchants to me to learn of all the philosophies and religions, they can contribute interesting insaigh to us to solve our daily subjects, like for example the pain and the suffering that long time produces remaining crying before a door that or hill, or as says that way, you do not cry by spilled milk! In aim we observe how long we remain clogged between the attachment and indifference and try to surpass it and to integrate it but the soon possible thing, because our health, peace, effectiveness and happiness reside in this emotional liberation, that allows us to leave the breach and to continue walking placidly on the existential route..

Association Spanish

Because although the Council of Ministers has approved the referral to the Cortes Generales of the draft law of measures of promotion of the rent of houses of December 12 of 2008 and that it aims among others to streamline these processes of eviction, however measures that are collected are insufficient. They will not solve the problem of notifications tenants which is the main cause of the delay in these processes. Since currently in the Judicial path only are considered as valid notifications which are personally collected by the defendant or by someone who take care of her. If the subpoena or demand delivery attempt placing the tenant for the marking of the trial does not occur at first, because this this absent, has abandoned the property and is not located him, the framework of the process in the courts quite stretches in time. Having to re-quote you again, after find another home through Patrimonial investigation service through the same court, and finally if this also fails, you must be placed by edict. And not only this, but what after obtaining the owner the eviction judgment in its favor, to file new lawsuit requesting the execution of the same to get the launch and recover, as we say the use and availability of the property.

This procedure causes a great delay in the courts and who finally gets out injured is the owner who wait months and months to be able to recover the availability of premises, Office or home. The Government therefore has to amend the law (in the procedures of evictions) that with respect to the guarantees of defence to be given to the tenants, at the same time owners have a Judicial process according to which proclaimed the Spanish Constitution, and that article 24 of our Constitution, which guarantees the right of all persons to obtain effective judicial protection of the judges is collected and courts in the exercise of our legitimate rights, without that it may occur in any case helplessness. The law has to be amended and since the Association requests the Government its modification to avoid delays at the sites to tenants in the courts, and must be placed these only once. And if the same refusal by not be located the tenant, but the summons was communicated n the domicile stated in the contract as the domicile of the defendant, this should be valid without the need for new subpoenas that only cause unnecessary delays in the process and that only hurt the owners demanded. ASI has stated that the Secretary Gral, the Association Mrs.

Financial Mortgage

Self-construction of housing with the housing policy: regulations in the field of autocontruccion with resources of the housing policy has in the Gazette 39486 essential aspects to achieve adequately present the application of credit according to the following criteria: is aimed at families that do not have main housing and are owners of land located in urban or rural areasfitted utility, or in their absence, with staffing alternative multi-family properly by the competent authorities. Self-build loan shall be equivalent to 100% of the value of the budget of work presented, constituting mortgage guarantee on the ground and the bienechurias that are constructed. It will be disbursed in the following manner: A first disbursement in the date of notarization of credit, equivalent to 60% of the approved amount. A second disbursement by the balance provided that housing submitted an advance greater than 50% of physical execution, verified and approved by the designated Professional by the Financial operator. The beneficiaries may not dispose of housing, until not after 5 years from the date of notarization of the credit. In the event the loan include direct housing subsidy, if the beneficiary disposes of the housing within 5 years of the date of the grant of the subsidy, this must be reinstated to its value updated to the time of the disposition. Public registrars may not enter any negotiations without proof of cancellation of the amount of the updated grant issued by the BANAVIH. The mortgaged property may not be alienated without the authorization of the mortgagee, while the loan is in effect..