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Self-construction of housing with the housing policy: regulations in the field of autocontruccion with resources of the housing policy has in the Gazette 39486 essential aspects to achieve adequately present the application of credit according to the following criteria: is aimed at families that do not have main housing and are owners of land located in urban or rural areasfitted utility, or in their absence, with staffing alternative multi-family properly by the competent authorities. Self-build loan shall be equivalent to 100% of the value of the budget of work presented, constituting mortgage guarantee on the ground and the bienechurias that are constructed. It will be disbursed in the following manner: A first disbursement in the date of notarization of credit, equivalent to 60% of the approved amount. A second disbursement by the balance provided that housing submitted an advance greater than 50% of physical execution, verified and approved by the designated Professional by the Financial operator. The beneficiaries may not dispose of housing, until not after 5 years from the date of notarization of the credit. In the event the loan include direct housing subsidy, if the beneficiary disposes of the housing within 5 years of the date of the grant of the subsidy, this must be reinstated to its value updated to the time of the disposition. Public registrars may not enter any negotiations without proof of cancellation of the amount of the updated grant issued by the BANAVIH. The mortgaged property may not be alienated without the authorization of the mortgagee, while the loan is in effect..

Reviews States

As to the company, as economic unit, has become multinational, new kernel on which the new economy, the State is developed also has become a multi-national organization, even without organizing. Tribal society has been passed to the society organized into principalities and marquesados, fiefs, as a territorial unit. Between stockings have been given snippets of States under the expansion of Imperial States. These were paid some taxes and maintained a complex administration capable of managing conquered territories, but State was not a structure that is effect in society or that citizens should have awareness of a State, but rather was the ultimate tribal power developed around the Emperor, to whom all laws and rules were subject. Christianity, before the breakup of the imperial society, established a feudal organization, whose defense is based on the construction of fortresses and small armies, often contracted to resist attacks, but always in a very local space.

Vicente Gay up to nation States in Europe was not known more link than municipalism or the relationship of vassalage. With the Catholic monarchs undertook the territorial unity of Spain. Royalist policies, on which territories integrations have been built has been in part due to the successful or unfortunate, depending on cases, marriage policies. The divine conception of power led to such a conception of the construction of the society. Monetary policy, is equal to today to be the center of gravity about which society moves the economy. Another aspect on which nation-States have been built is the war, the right of conquest by force. Its sense is precisely the defense of the territory and the citizens of this state that are governed by the same rules.

Carlos V initiates a new conception of social organization. Sets companies of soldiers professionals, capable of responding to local authorities that do not make subject to the rule of the King. The castles passed to the State and the feudal nobility receives a fixed salary to become command posts, eventually forming the structure of the States. Still fails to establish the nation-State, was rather a King of kingdoms without institutions or administrations that unificasen them. Municipal bodies were administrative and political centres that functioned as true republics in Castile at that time. The loss of such power was what led to the uprisings of the Comuneros and the brotherhoods, although for different reasons initially. Followers of the Emperor the King regarded the representative of God on Earth, so that his figure was closely tied to religion. Such a concept part the expression be blue blood, which means that it comes from the sky. Minions of Carlos V had to kneel before his Majesty to direct the word. Its intrinsic association with religion has been total. Protestants stopped see belief as something universal, and that we had to expand and impose on the rest of the world, fashion writer. With several essays on economics in relation to basic income. He is the author of plays and stories of great originality. Related blogs third millennium: Sleeper It is the time of cakes!