Par Itaituba

With the division of the State of Par they go to improve many things, as immense infrastructure lack of the cities and cities of the State and it will bring a great progress for the population of the interior of the state. Therefore, with the separation it goes to have a fast partner-economic progress because a lesser state will go to facilitate the government to carry through a fast development. Additional information is available at Paulo Coelho. The DIVISION OF PAR JSSICA RABBIT 11 the State of the Tapajs that comes of the division of the State of Par was one Done project has much time but now it only goes to be rank in practical. I am against creation of this state, therefore I find that with this Itaituba division it can lose very with the increase of the products of tickets etc. Even because, for the fact of Santarm to become capital many things they go to move, perhaps it improves in the education and health and the BR that the Santarm binds to Itaituba.

Perhaps my opinion moves, but still I find that this can harm our city and others also. THE DIVISION OF PAR TO CREATE TAPAJS MARCELO (TE-6) We believe Brazil had some divisions, for what Par cannot have? If we will be to imagine the State of the Tapajs that being divided will bring great resources for the too much cities, can be good or it does not stop some. If it will be good, as some say, will bring more schools, sports, facultieses, financial institutions of the government and more resources. On the other hand, if the people imagine that it will not be good and that she only goes to equally bring resources for all the paraense state, and for the Tapajs that only has poor person, then the division would come to brighten up only the suffering of the people of the interior, with some job, electric energy, health, education, but would not change much thing, therefore the state already would be born poor. For me, dividing she will be better to govern.