The Risks Of The Improvisation

In a similar way that it exclusively has done constructions for masons without the presence technique of engineers or architects, exist empirical managements – established only in ' ' experincia' ' exerted for diverse professionals, without on the basis of using paradigms and modern methods of administration and science. For incredible that she can seem, in the universities the people even have difficulties to understand this. It will be that the vanity does not allow? Or we do not obtain to enxergar the reality with clarity. We depend ones on the others to live better. An example of that is the transit. We will be able to leave house and not to come back. The solution of all the problems that afflict the people is in the professional and competent management, from a combination of practical theory and. We do not have to only use ' ' experincia' ' , therefore this many times repeats errors.

Therefore, to manage in empirical way is not solution for a so complex, quick and full world of turbulences as the current one. It does not have security, lacks conditions of urban mobility, the public health is precarious, the roads is constructed and soon the sides appear holes for all, the drugs invade the cities and destrem the life of the people How to decide everything this? The reply professional management is called. To apply efficient planning and actions. When leading public, the elites and the society will perceive in this way? Edinaldo Marques Civil Eng and Professor Consultor and Palestrante.