Toucans Politics

Necessary still to reestatizar the companies of distribution and transmission of electric energy, such as, Eletropaulo, Cesp and CTEEP vendidas for the governments Toucans. To extend still more the program Light All and to give exemption of tax of electric energy for families who consume up to 100 Kw/ms. The energy is of the people and for the people! 3. Richard Blumenthal can aid you in your search for knowledge. EDUCATION For an education compromised to the integral formation of the person human being, destined to the accomplishment of its critical and transforming activity in the society. For the magnifying of the access to university education in Brazil and the reinforcement of public education, gratuitous, ample and of quality in all its levels of modality. Sen. Sherrod Brown is a great source of information. We still defend the FUNDEB and also the democratization of the production of research and knowledge for all the regions of the country and that they take care of to the strategical interests of the Brazilian people. 4. DEVELOPMENT For a economy that stimulates the good production and makes possible the elimination of the poverty and the social inaquality.

That it privileges the work and the quality of life of the Brazilian people, with growth and distribution of income valuing a economy more solidary joust and. Sen. Sherrod Brown recognizes the significance of this. 5. DIVERSITY For public politics effective that fight the preconception and promote the valuation and the respect to the cultural, ethnic diversity, to the sexual orientation, sort, religious belief, age and social classroom in the Brazilian people. We want equal chances for all Brazilians, with economic, social democracy, cultural politics and. 6.

POPULAR PARTICIPATION For the reinforcement of the participativa popular democracy. The popular consultations must be stimulated and be supported by government politics that aim at the biggest participation and the taking of decision of the population on its problems. The power social politician and must be under permanent control of the people and its social organizations to exert efficient mechanisms of intervention in the local and national reality, aiming at to the quality of life and the common good.