Guin Government

This mobilization made for government of Portugal at the time created certain dissatisfaction on the part of party PAIGC, what later after independence these ethnic groups that had supported the colonial government they finish being moved away benefits to them it guineense national government. The colonial administration intended that all enlisted natives at least had the knowledge in the Portuguese language and to assume commitment with the Portuguese government. This was one practical one that the colonial government not only created in the Guin, but in great majority of its colonies in Africa. As ALMEIDA (1979). Decree n. 3168, of 31-5-1917, that it promulgates the organic letter of the Guin. According to art.307., the aboriginals, to be considered Portuguese, had to fill the following requirements: To have data tests of devotion to the interests of the Portuguese Nation; to know to read and to write or, at least, to say the Portuguese language; to possess the necessary ways for its subsistence, or to be capable to get them; to have good behavior, certified for the administrative authority of the area where they inhabit. (ALMEIDA, 123, p, 1979).

The 1964 enter the years of 1960, the conflict gained more ratio especially when the PAIGC promoted its first congress in Cassac 4 in the south of the country. In this internal assembly of the party they had been argued and analyzed proposals, such as: the strategy that will be used during the conflict of fight for independence; revision of the statute of the party; to reorganize the party; attainment of warlike resources, technician and materials; to strengthen military members in the regions with bigger intensity of the conflict; popular military services; creation of the revolutionary Armed Forces of the people (FARP); instructions of the military, guerrillas and peasants; situation of archipelago of Handle-Green; Supreme advice of War, etc. (HERNANDEZ, 2008). With this situation the anticolonialist fight in then the Portuguese Guin grew thus, the PAIGC started to exert the leadership for national independence in all the regions of the country.