Brazil Transparency

Article of Bulletin of notice of State legislature of Paran informs that the member of the house of representatives Nelson Justus, since 2007, when assumed, for the second time, the command of State legislature of the Paran, implanted measured moralizadoras that places the Paran between the legislative ones that they present the lesser expenses and the lesser number of benefits offered to them Brazilian parliamentarians. A study divulged in the year passed for the Brazil Transparency, not-governmental organization created to fight the corruption in the country, sample that the mandate of the mining members of the house of representatives was most expensive of the country in 2008. The implantation of the Vestibule of the Transparency, in September of the passed year, with the objective to divulge information, saw Internet, on the budget of the House and the rendering of accounts of the mount of money of compensation of the members of the house of representatives has assisted the population to participate, being the first State legislature of Brazil to place in practical the opened vote, giving to end to the nepotism, reducing the recess parliamentarian of the 90 for 55 days, fortifying legislative committees, extending the number of audiences and adopting the electronic panel that it registers the presence of the members of the house of representatives and the performance of each one of them in the plenrias sessions. In the Paran, the members of the house of representatives had also lost the right to use official vehicles and had left to receive for the extraordinary sessions, what he happens in many 10 assemblies of the country. The periodical Leaf of So Paulo published in the day 1 of March a research that it proves to be the Assembly of the Paran as one of the Legislative ones that less they spend in the country. The value places the paranaense Assembly in 4 in ranking of the assemblies most economic.