Tapajs III

In the case it goes to be divided with the cities of the region, brightening up the suffering of the people, in some aspects as: health, education and a distribution more joust of the resources. For these and other reasons I agree and believe the State of the Tapajs. He arrives of suffering! Freedom already! THE CREATION OF THE STATE OF THE TAPAJS. 2 FLVIA BARROS The State of Par is the third Been greater of Brazil.

It possesss 143 cities. Its population mass is intent in the surrounding capital, Belm, and its cities. Par is a territory with great areas of natural resources. We are in favor of the division of the state, therefore amongst the 143 cities, a minority is that it has the support of the state so that can be developed. What we can observe is that the cities next to the capital, Belm, are that has great concentration of wealth and this support. The region of the Tapajs suffers to each new government that assumes the command, this can be observed in the areas of the health, education, housing, culture, sport and leisure, is each time more devaluated. To demand our rights or any benefits, we have of dislocating in them until Belm, therefore rare these governing if give to the work to come until our region. The region of the Tapajs was very explored, but, nothing was left in exchange, therefore we go in giving the possibility to them to grow and to have a worthier life we go to say yes to the Tapajs.