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Foundation of Isaac Asimov: the revolutionary science of the personage Hari Seldon inside of the perspective of the Strategical Planning. Laydes M.M. Martins Specialization in Public Administration. College Great $fortaleza – Belm? Par?. In period where the origin of man and was obliterated in an entire galaxy is fully occupied, the psycho-historian Hari Seldon proposes you make predictions with distinguishes mathematical variables, announcing the end of the Galactic Empire and the entry of humanity into period of barbarism that will last 30 million years.

You reduce the effects of this crisis scientist proposes the creation of foundation, which will to gather and store all the knowledge acquired by mankind. Summary. In a period where the origin of the human being was obliterated and where all the galaxy is duly busy, the psico-historian Hari Seldon if it considers to make forecasts with extreme mathematical 0 variable, announcing the end of the galactic empire and the entrance of the humanity in a period of barbarity that will last 30,000 a thousand years. To brighten up the effect of this crisis the scientist considers the creation of the Foundation, that will have to congregate and all store the knowledge acquired for the strategical humanidade.1.IntroduoPlanejamento is the way for which if it leaves a point until a point B, being this last o desired, longed for and had point as the future ideal seno, most appropriate possible. This concept can in such a way be applied to any field of the knowledge and inside of how much inserted the enterprise scope in a particular and personal context. The search for the knowledge of the future? since the 0 variable time and action of the too much actors are uncertain? it happens of a remote past, since that the man started to have conscience of that if to project in the future would be the way by which its survival could be guaranteed.