Western Turkey

In the end all and demarches threatening gestures that sometimes slip in the Russia-Turkey, Russia, Iran, and Iran and Turkey, are designed to gain time and the introduction of Western misconception. Like it or not – will not take a sin and now affirmatively or negatively respond to this question. But in the summer, as you know, in late June, the Turks made concessions to the implicit pressure from Moscow and Tehran and began consultations on the inclusion of Iran in the framework of the so-called 'Caucasian platforms' security and stability in the region. And it is this fact led to a sharp intensification of the Caucasian and Asian antero policy. In whose head appeared to offer option, instead of the tandem Russia-France re-enrichment and storage of Iranian uranium would be engaged … Turkey? Of the Turks? Perhaps, but unlikely.

Who else but not the Iranians – they long ago told that in matters of nuclear energy trust only in Russia. A little bit – and China. Turkey 'list' was not included, as we see. But there was another fact – the signing in Tehran Iran-Turkey energy Memorandum, which immediately led to a negative response from the U.S.. And there are reports that in Istanbul on November 9, when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived to attend the economic summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), then such negotiations between the Turks and Iranians were held. The Turkish newspaper "Milliyet" asserted that initiative to transfer uranium for enrichment in a third country, in particular in Turkey, with which Iran enjoys good relations, IAEA head Mohammed proposed El Baradei, and on November 6.