Lesson Crisis

How and why a huge scam provernuli If from the lips of high government officials you hear the word 'crisis', rest assured that now begin to rob on a grand scale. The objective economic difficulties, we commonly used in order to pull this pretext, huge chunks of property. So it was in the early 1990s, when the 'unproductive' and 'ineffective' enterprises were privatized for pennies, so it was in 1998 when, under the pretext of crisis forced the population to pay for the retrofitting of these companies and buy their products. So it was in late 2008 when, under the guise of sharing money Stabilization Fund. To understand what waiting for us all, we must carefully scrutinize lessons from the crisis of 1998, which became a classic example of robbing the huge masses of people. What is called in the official language is called 'economic crisis' is usually a huge robbery. Exactly Such was the crisis of 1998. This crisis, judging by the numerous public statements of participants in those events could have been avoided – despite the presence of certain objective economic difficulties.

But then would not have been achieved the goal of this 'project' – turning out of our pockets part of officials and businessmen, perfect for retrofitting of the private economy. Dagestan has become a part of this stunning all-Russian 'project'. On very preliminary estimates by the crisis, the population of Dagestan, and so suffered from a deep prolonged crisis, were confiscated tens of billions of dollars.