The Lack Of Abode

The lack of dwelling Teodulo Lopez Melendez the banishment of the habits of humanistic appearance is the main logical event of our time, an event to which it is useless to seek refuge in arguments of goodwill. Peter Sloterdijk the lack of dwelling expression is Heidegger’s when letter on humanism thus defined the outstanding ontological trait of contemporary man. It is precisely in an errancy, how heideggerian, where is the man. Gianni Vattimo phoned the characteristic nihilist’s postmodern man weak thought. In the absence of a thought that speaks the truth and (strong) all has risen one who rejects the (weak) omnicomprehensive legitimations.

From there the suffering of the post-modern man would simply is not yet sufficiently nihilistic, because you have nostalgia for what was lost and is not yet accustomed to the dissolution of being, this time stamp, so that man is It ensures to live with semiverdades and without grounds. We will have to resort to a paradigm of complexity such as Edgar Morin, defined him to move to a logic contrary to immobility and make waking the man. We are involved in static concepts, man has left to conceptualise in a complex manner. The totalizing vision that exceeds human contradictions this is, the utopia – remains already hanging on the coat rack. The protest of the subjectivity in this way destotalizo, although the lack of answers causes 21st century some totalitarian scatological complete closing of the social and the conservative reaction of denial of the possibility of change in the established.

The human being is shown splinter. It is pessimistic and selfless, as if it nadase in a dystopia of an absolute solitude against himself. Protective wrappings disintegrate, as the nation-State, powerless before the unique problems that have become universal. Against this, the lack is that of a complex thought, one that we might well call disutopico, open to the emergency.