The Florentine Citizens

For the Florentine one, this negative character of the Christianity if must its proper essence, in the measure where the men become citizens of two worlds, terrestrial and the celestial one, and in the measure where the purpose of the existence human being is the search of according to the costs of the disdain for the first one. Therefore, the Christianity if shows in disagreement with the purpose that if can wait of it, that is, ' ' dither and the defense of ptria' ': When to our it demands you religion that you have ortaleza, wants more than that you are apt to support, what to make, a strong thing. This way of living it seems that it became the weak world, converting it into canine tooth of evil men, which can manejar it with full security, seeing that the totality of the men, to go to the paradise thinks more about supporting its oppressions of what in avenging itself of them. When limiting the purpose of the religion something mundane and secular, Maquiavel affirms that all religion, including the Christian, must be judged in relation to an end that is not specifically religious, but politician, that is, the devotion to the common good, whose raised form more is the love to the native land: If the world was effeminate and disarmed the sky, this proceeds, without a doubt, of the vileness of the men, who had interpreted our cio religion according to and not according to virt. Because they were considered that it allows to the dither and the defense of the native land, they would see that it wants that let us love we it and let us honor and let us make use in them to be such that can defend it.

As it is perceived, the religion possesss basic paper in the ideas politics of Maquiavel, however, exactly if not opposing theological questions of the Christianity, the Florentine one criticizes the aptitudes politics of the Christianity. This religion, great influenciadora of the thought politician of the time of Maquiavel, presents incompatible with the purpose of the dither and the defense of the native land, and, consequently, with the so present common good in the thought of the Florentine one. Therefore, in the measure where the men live in view of the paradise and the posterior life, its concern with the problems of this world is in secondary plan. However, for our thinker the religion possesss an indispensable paper in the politics, therefore it assures courage and obedience to the soldiers and order to the citizens.