Army Terrorist

Also it was suggested that the Israeli forces of security had failed in its attempts of cracking of the codes used for the Hamas to send instructions for the terrorist attacks through the Internet (to choramingar, 1999, P. 128). The terrorists also can use – estenografia a method to hide given private of other data, such as to inside incase a private message of a photo of the archive (Denning and Baugh, 1997). The terrorists can criptografar cellular transmissions, also steal numbers of cellular telephone and program – los in an only telephone, or to use cellular phone cards daily pay-bought anonymously to keep its safe communications. The last technologies of the communication are, thus, to allow that terrorist to operate from any country of the world, since that they have access to the necessary infrastructure, and this affects the ways for which the groups are based on different forms of sponsorship. Some terrorist analysts have argued that the net can have a lesser necessity of state support, in the truth, governmental protection can become less necessary if technologies as the criptografia to allow a terrorist group to operate with a bigger degree of secrecy and security (Soo Hoo, Goodman, and Greenberg, 1997, P. 142).

Others point with respect to the possibility of that groups each time more to try to raise money in web, as in the case of the Pakistan of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (' ' Army of the Puros' '). It has limits for the amount of dependence that terrorist nets will go to place in information. For the next future, for it saw electrnica coordination will not be capable to supplant interchanges total face-the-face, uncertainty and risk, because it will continue to characterize more organizacionais choices and the interactions between the individuals. Moreover, informal linkings and the values mentioned above, that are critical viabilizadores of net they only can be promoted through personal contact.