Federal Government

This is not in only one state! The connivent Brazilian states with the safadeza, bad caratismo, negligence, job of the money of the health in proper benefit are all, to the disembarassed roubalheiras, campaigns of! They know why? These scoundrels do not depend on stuffed hospital of poor persons to be taken care of. Up there it is a hospital with I do not know how many specialists to the disposal of those usurpers and all corja that already it left there, but it continues usufructing of the benefits and stewardships. Amazon can provide more clarity in the matter. It will be that still it is possible to believe that the health comes back to have health, if recouping to assist the Brazilian people less favored and why more or less not favored them because they pay high taxes and they exactly deduct after the retirement a good amount for the Providence, that lately is not preventing at least the attendance of emergency! That God helps in them and makes with that the representatives of the people in this great called space Brazil not they use the great destined richnesses, for the Federal Government, to the states and cities to be employed in the area of the Health they are not deviated shamefully as it comes happening it has much time! It is possible to cure the Brazilian health, is enough that our representatives create a little more than shame, do not steal in such a way, therefore exactly deviating to the pocket a good parcel it is still a great addition to apply exclusively in what it was destined: the health of the Brazilian people. As well as it is cannot be! Daqui little, the Brazilian people turns baderneiro, it leaves of being ordeiro and obedient and goes to the streets and why not to the Senate of the Republic to the Federal Chamber and where more if to make necessary e, then, will show its force and will demand that its rights are respected no matter what. Our representatives back in the high one, beyond the majority to be imcompetent people, are, some, more than half century fighting for Brazil there, only in the campaign speeches, but nothing they make of what they nail to deceive trouxas that they always continue voting and innumerable times to the wait of that in that mandate repeated the disembarassed ones make something to improve at least education, the health and the security! She is necessary to modify the Great Letter, our exceeded Constitution, benefiting only great thieves those hundreds of representatives, who only they represent itself same, the family and the parentada one! The majority already got used the illegality that finds normal to invade our islands, our areas, to apply the money of the people in proper benefit as if the totality of the Brazilian people did not understand of politics it did not have knowledge of the occured barbarities in the meetings to approve something in favor of the people, who most of the time, what it is priority is engavetado, because the majority was not present.

The Actions

They had understood the message? To continue acting the wrong ones of the life, they never did not want that, in function of the 1439 machine, the Brazilian nation was knowing of initiated subjects when the lost ones to the way of India had this way arrived in port and continue to the wide in the current days with total force. What such to think about this guarded threat, to control the press? Or in other words to gag the press, not to investigate and to denounce what it is practised in the government level? To gag the press or to try such type of action is a tremendously authoritarian act. It must the author of practical coercitive and corruptoras, to the politician who understands to be a man who intervenes with the Brazilian governana. It brazenly nails the regulation of the media and for table of the press and a total engessamento of the State, having as base politics the elect Congresso.Que with the support of mounts of money deducted from governmental programs, its integrant ones is submissos to the interests of the articuladores politicians. The demoralization of the classroom politics is not guilt of the economic power and so little of the media (the press is read), it is collective guilt of the classroom politics as a whole. Exceptions exist and such exceptions are beneficial for Brazil, but unhappyly they are minorities.

Therefore it is in course an attempt of white blow of State. At the first moment where the press will be regulated and the Congress if ‘ ‘ fortificar’ ‘ the Democracy that always was our orienting north, will be finished. We go to understand as a strong Congress, those actions where the majority? Chamber and Senate define which the routes that Brazil will have to follow. But a strong Congress as to the architect of the mensalo wants and desires is a Congress where the liberty of speech are hindered, where the actions of the private initiative will only be approved, with the benepltico of the politicians in the power. The ones that govern and withhold the maiorias of the public offices of relevance in the federal administration. Unhappyly as we were speaking, this country was says discovered, for perhaps.

Latest Generation

they pass to have the respect of the world, as maximum Authority of a Church, or better of a Country that does not have Weapons. Who of Fora and Respeitabilidade to these fragile Men seno God All Powerful Father. Why I am emphasizing, inside of the Ireja Catholic the Apostlica Succession? Because this does not exist in the day the day, in the things of the world, for example. The ministry of uneducated, tried to implant, already in this school year, in the schools of all Brazil, famous Kit and only not it fz because the resistance that found inside of the Congress was so Great, for the Religious ones in general, that the minister preferred to keep a time, but said that it goes to implant it, but before goes to talk, with these sectors, to convecer of the necessity of the execution of this aberration. Why the Minister, covardemente, wants to implant this idea in the schools already in the first pertaining to school series, and perhaps even in the day-care centers? Because it starts to be a brainwashing from primeirissima infncia and there, everything will be Normal for the Latest Generation. Already it is Normal, for that it comes happening, imagines inside of this system that wants to implant. The Truth of DICTATORSHIP GAY is that the World will pass Reger. I must declare that I am not against the homosexual, but radically against the practical one of the Homossexualismo therefore it wounds all the Human and Religious Principles. Each one MAKES of its life what to want, but TO IMPOSE DITATORIALMENTE, is that it is a FADED SHAME, CRETINA, SRDIDA, CRUEL that vo to only understand when to give to accounts the Mr.! Or better, to understand they already understand and know of Estrago that goes to cause; with this she does not go to have necessity of as many explanations and yes, very probably, ARCAR WITH the CONSEQUENCIAS GO, therefore NEVER they will be able to argue that THEY DID NOT KNOW of the EVIL that were making a time that everything this and much more, (abortion, homossexualismo, research of embryonic cells, censorship, Christian persecution, etc) is part of a great plain very elaborated &#039 well; ' SUJO' ' politician. GOD IF FEELS SORRY OF OUR POOR PERSONS SOULS – THEY LOVE –