Shostakovich Union

We have fun laughing about it – they say, "Soviet people learned to live on the books, and because they are not ready for life" – not realizing that this is the rate and guarantee a relatively high overall cultural and intellectual level of the country. We often government claims credit for the fact that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the transition to capitalism, we have experienced no civil war, mass casualties without – Keeping in mind that the immense social change has occurred in a country with universal secondary education. In a country where, relatively speaking, each knew what the "War and Peace." Emphasize that he knew and did not read. Clearly, the earlier Few people read it, but at least KNEW a godless country in this knowledge – that there is something higher than you, more than you do in this case, the culture – this knowledge has been replaced by religious ethics. Moral imperative. In fact, the basic cultural norm in the late Soviet Union was the literature of the nineteenth century – the Golden Age of our literature. This was a genuine "Soviet Culture" – and not social realism, which was even more artificial formation than the Soviet Union. Exactly as well as the highest musical standards in the Soviet Union was the music of Tchaikovsky, and not, say, Soloviev-Gray or Shostakovich. We are today, without noticing, we live, based on the cultural norm of the nineteenth century – but it's better than nothing.