The sovereign power would be, also, bound by that natural right that stops Puffendorf is true right and not a simple direction or principles guide for the governor. But this obligation to keep the natural right is imperfect inasmuch as there is no a judicial instance where the sovereign can be demanded to make fulfill it, being its effectiveness into the hands of God that would be something as well as supreme ” avenger of the right natural”. Secondly Period At this time ” we will see accentuate the protective character of the individual guarantees that has the right but that the one of safeguard of the order. It matters now plus the freedom that seguridad”. 4 the right becomes mechanism par excellence to avoid the autocracy and the despotism.

One characterizes the period by a tendency towards free Capitalism and political liberalism, with accent in the protection of the natural rights of the individuals against the violations of the governments, via an absolute separation of the powers public. ** Locke (1632-1704) the nature state where the man enjoyed great freedom and equality found prevailed by the natural right that ” it taught to the man whom, being all independent equals and, nobody had to harm to another one in its life, health, freedom or properties. While everybody existed the nature state had the power to take to the practice that natural right and to punish by its own hands the infractions to his normas”. But that system did not bring but difficulties. The cause is this of which the men decide to make a pact.