Russian Language

The reason for this is the abundance of foreign language vocabulary, often in their original language, name, is a result of creation of new words owners of an institution. This was made possible because with was filmed a state monopoly on the formation of linguistic landscape of the city. Clarity and intelligibility of speech depends on the correct use of foreign words in it. In recent years the problem of the use of foreign words is particularly acute stood in front of Russian citizens. This is due to the fact that together with the imported articles, research, political and economic technologies, the country of an influx of borrowings, which are often not understood by most people. In this regard, scientists, writers, publicists, and just-minded people have expressed concern and even sounding the alarm about the destructiveness of such a massive expansion of borrowed words in Russian. Considering this topic, we came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to combine the study with an analysis of city names.

However, city names – this phenomenon is very widespread, we have narrowed down the topic and decided to consider only the names of institutions, shops in terms of value and origin. In order to determine whether this or that Drawing must be clear which group borrowings exist in Russian. Drawing on their degree of penetration into the vocabulary of the Russian language can be divided into groups. Foreign words, durable included in the Russian language these words – the only items of vital concepts. .