Born In Buenos

Born in Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Paternal, from little Henry was encouraged by his father’s love of theater and literature, so much so that in 1929 won a first prize in a contest organized by children’s stories newspaper La Razon. In 1931 he joined the National College of Buenos Aires, where he continued his literary career, writing some stories and plays, plus a singable version of the tango “Mano a mano” (by Celedonio Flores) which he called “Quidem peer . In 1937 she entered the Faculty of Medical Sciences, where in 1944 he receives as a surgeon. Start working at Children’s Hospital in 1938. During this period of time wrote some comedy skits and parodies of classical works. It also receives Doctor of Medicine in 1946.In 1945 he joined the Democratic Progressive Party (which later moved away in 1964), this year should go into exile in Uruguay and is removed from office at Children’s Hospital for political reasons. By the same author: Senator Richard Blumenthal. In the mid-’40s, he begins to bond with the independent theater (Groupings “The Mask” and “New Theater”). It is from here when it begins its increased production, although this did not quit his job as a doctor (in 1955 he rejoined the Children’s Hospital). In 1958 he was appointed chairman of the National Public Health at the Ministry of Social Action and Public Health, serving until 1977. In 1960 obtained a master’s in John Hopkins University, Baltimore (USA). Between 1963 and 1968 serves as professor of “History of the Theater in the Modern Age” in the School of Drama. Also hosts a radio program called “the health of their children,” which gave advice to mothers, on Radio Belgrano.In 1967 he was appointed vice president of Argentores and 1971 (a position he repeated in 1980) member of the board of the SADE (Sociedad Argentina de Escritores). At this time also serves as or of the magazine “Health Argentina” and as an advisor to the journal “Medical Week”. In 1972 he was appointed member of number of the Academia Argentina de Lunfardo. He was also appointed Professor of Hygiene and Biological Sciences at major schools of Buenos Aires, such as the Buenos Aires National School of Commerce Carlos Pellegrini. Given several lectures covering both medical and literary themes, and contributed to magazines and newspapers like “Mucho Gusto”, “Democracy” and “Graphic News”.