Belarus People

Further strengthening of state and supreme power, and hence the development of slave relations, inseparable from the spread of the Christian religion. According to vp Alexeyev, the order in which power elected by the people, not like the Moscow princes. Therefore, “they gladly seized upon the doctrine of the church to her under the cover to enter the Moscow State single sovereignty Grace of God “15. A striking example of the unnatural state of life forms is the lack of evidence in history, even if not original, the continued existence of any state. State periodically arise and also invariably fall apart. His story began with the Russian state of Kievan Rus’, then the political center has moved to Muscovy, and now with the unity of “Ruska” people coexist in three states: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Formation of public relations intolerable burden fell on the shoulders of the people. According to the testimony, ii Dityatin, “creating a single state cost worst efforts of the masses. ” Maintaining it cost them almost not large: they lay a burden to their work content, as we have seen, the service class, they lay the whole burden of state taxes – all kinds of taxes and obligations; them the same – and the administrative burden of “feeding” from which the peasants’ run in the strife “16. One can not but take into account the postulate of the theory of communism that the basis for establishment of the State are the class contradictions. And in this regard, quite rightly says Engels, “tribal system grew out of society, not knowing any internal contradictions, and was adapted only to him. He had no other means of coercion except public opinion.