Luto Of Cuba

In international politics the emission of signals is so significant how much the speeches of Heads of State and Government, its physical localization in certain meetings multinationals, the order where the flags or the positions of each country are displayed ahead of determined crises. With the decreement of I fight official of three days in Cuba because of the death of the leader north-native of Korea Kim Jong-Il, therefore, it could not be different. Such attitude means the complete admiration for the regimen north-native of Korea in all its aspects: the almost total absence of private property, only party, the exclusively governmental press, intolerncia to any opposition, and, until the moment, the maintenance of the position biggest inside of an only family circle, in that if they constitute as the two countries with the only socialist dynasties of the world (since its mysterious illness, Fidel Castro was substituted by its brother Raul, to the step that Kim Jong-Il is being succeeded for the son Kim Jong-Un, in one transistion repleta of uncertainties). Thus, the Cuban government of understanding that, independently of (few) the economic reforms that come implementing, it does not intend to abandon its coletivista economic regimen, therefore those are something similar to the Perestroika de Mikhail Gorbachev, that is, they have the intention to improve the system without if exempting of it – the only difference is that, if these isolated reforms to leave control, Cuba do not go to disintegrate, since the nationalism of its people is very strong and the hand-of-iron of the government to keep the country territorially joined is not necessary. In the same way, the decreement of it I fight sample that Cuba does not go to confide politically. Although the Cuban are not obliged to participate of collective demonstrations of settle and sadness for any reasons the example of what we finish to attend in the Coreia of the north, with many thousands, or millions of people perhaps crying copiosamente the death of ' ' Wanted Lder' ' in sentimental expositions that, although sincere in certain cases, undeniably they are exaggerated, still more in front of the cameras of the state television – the spine of the system Cuban politician is the same one of the north-native of Korea (as described in as the paragraph). In this way, it does not have any distenso politics desired for the Cuban leadership, despite in a minimum level.

&#039 does not have one; ' Small Glasnost' '. In a last and conjunctural analysis I fight, it of Cuba is an order so that, ahead of the uncertainties that follow the succession, Kim Jong-Un keeps the system north-native of Korea as she is. After all, if the Coreia of the north if opened economically and politically, little justification still would have the brothers Castrates in keeping, in the Caribbean island, the reins of the power as it comes keeping, therefore in a globalizado world would only remain to them as allies in completely similar systems the Laos and Cambodia (China already confided economically has decades, while the Vietnam also already gave, has some years, good will samples stops with the economy of market). Fidel and Raul I castrate would have, in this way, possibilities not to fall of what until the moment they had had. obviously they do not desire this. Lencio de Aguiar Vasconcellos Son