Frank Itamar

Former-president Frank Itamar was invited peloento President Nacional of the PPS, Robert Freire if filiar in legendah more than the one year, to be the vice one in the plate of Acio in 2010. Conformemostra the picture current politician, the possibilities would be remote to count comessa posssibilidade, however, still it has a question in air, on would qualseria the paper of former-president Frank Itamar in the electoral process de2010. Itamar was moved away from the BDMG in which de2008 was its president in the year, and as we know, in the following day, it attacked governor Acio Nevesdizendo who the Shock of Management was a fallacy. Always controversial Itamar, made this affirmation hours before if to find with Acio in the Palace dasMangabeiras, to deal with interest subjects of the state and with muitatranquilidade affirmed that, never ‘ had said such; ‘ coisa’ ‘ that does not erabem ‘ ‘ aquilo’ ‘ that the journalists had understood. Feared for one loved poroutros, unquestionably temperamental and controversial, the certainty he is that nose can believe that a man who was President of the eGovernador Republic of Minas Gerais will be inert in the electoral process of 2010, exactly because as we saw its profile politician is not of most pacific. Therefore, either in the election for Presidency of the Republic, either nogoverno of Mines it will have the finger of Itamar Franco..