Yushchenko Integrity

In the case of the scenario a), the script is in) can lead to the introduction of armed forces on Ukrainian territory and the loss of territorial integrity. In the case of the activity scenario b) there is no threat to national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. Even some of provocation and paid for demonstrating "the people's anger" can not shake the situation. Thus, advocates of democracy and people acting "for fair elections without fraud and ballot box stuffing", becoming a force rocks the boat of state sovereignty and territorial integrity, and can provoke a situation in which Ukraine cease to exist in its current borders. People who are supporters of the fraudulent elections, objectively become patriots, for the territorial integrity and preservation of the sovereignty of the country. Choice this seems complicated at first glance.

Of course, the sovereignty, territorial integrity and in the absence of foreign forces, are more important motive than Western-style democracy and "Fair Elections" with the shedding of blood for democracy. Human life and destiny, the preservation of peace and territories are the top priority, more substantial than this or that figure the president came to power. Thus, most likely, the President uses the situation to their advantage and in the course of the campaign will be a transparent hint to voters that maybe, if his election to a second term would not be recognized as legitimate and will not be accepted the masses of voters. These arguments will act. If Yushchenko and his team are properly used their chance, there is even a slight chance that does not need to falsify the election results.