Metal Businesses

The reliability of the metal front door – a multifaceted concept that combines many of the structural and organizational decisions. This includes the construction of doors, safety loops, constructive implementation of locks, condition partitions, qualification of installers and so on. We define in this series of tasks most 'expensive', namely: the design of locking devices. This is the most difficult question, because the price of a good locking mechanism rather significant and the device is not easy. Challenge the reliability of a locking device can be divided into the following subtasks: security is the lock and burglary lock cylinder on the other – 'larvae'. European and local companies such as Mul-T-Lock and Guardian, devote a lot of time improving the reliability of both castles, and a device of iron doors. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown.

But their achievement wasted because of trivial things: the human factor. What Events will take if the landlord will lose the key? In this case, the meaning of design input, as a mechanism to prevent unauthorized entry into the room, instantly evaporates. So how do should be here to make a homeowner? The recommendation is clear – as soon as possible to change the bot to change the illegitimate keys to the castle. Do not forget, your purchase may seem quite expensive, the price could easily exceed five thousand rubles. However, the solution of the problem is widely known: the larva, designed by Mul-T-Lock, cylinder, called 'Traffic Light'.

Acquired cylinder is equipped with three batches of keys of different colors. The first set of keys labeled with green, it should be consumed when the cylinder was installed in the door. If one then the green key is lost, you need to start using the group keys yellow.