Sylvester Pine

The pragmatismo, when used for the well-common one, can be an attitude to salutar, a principle to observe, why not new a practical politics? A pragmatismo that does not leave nobody of is of the system, that uses inclusive strategies the social organization has implicit a set of norms and rules that they support, also they, the activity politics of the man who, of remaining portion, since always comes exerting, whichever regimes, because the system politician defines and leads which and as if they must process the diverse ones politics of the society and the organization where it must seat its functioning. Nor of another form if it could develop the exercise of the responsible citizenship, which estimates a magnifying of the participativa intervention, in the picture of a modern civil society, efficient humanist and in what it respects to the level and quality of life of its fellow citizens. ation. Bibliography BRTOLO, Diamantino Loureno Rodrigues of, (2002). ‘ ‘ Wild Pine Blacksmith: Paladino of the Human Rights in the Luso-Brasileiro’ Space; ‘.