Raque Silva Martins

The periods of training of Brazil in its majority are a shame; with very I suffocate we obtain you enter the University, searching the illusion to obtain something better, but when we come across in them with the reality, we fall of the horse as well as the Apstolo Pablo, want to suck our souls for R$ 4,99 for the moment, we live far and badly in they give 02 tickets to them of bus says, me: As we will pay the monthly fee of the college, our particle of hope was the ENEM, that if it transformed into ours frustration, disorganized Government, that shame, still says that the young that makes civil disturbances, hundreds of people with more than 50 accumulated springs of life, do not have the capacity to organize something so simple. Nor always the voice of the experience has reason, because what we see in our Government they are ‘ ‘ velhos’ ‘ tired (I do not know of what), enfilades to spend the money that was pra to be the nossoaumento of wage, ‘ ‘ gordos’ ‘ of in such a way not making nothing, ‘ ‘ If promises emagrecesse, would have corpses in governo’.

Arrived the hour of youth to take account of what it is our really, if does not want in giving chance to them, goes arranclas of them, force and vigor we have of surplus, we arrived or better he passed of the hour of us in them to join youth, against this dirt and podrido, we go to take our place nor qe either to the force, with the force of our voice, with the force of our vote, still of in time, seno to think about us, who will think? It thinks, it reflects, it reacts, one joins it me and we go to reivndicar our place, we go to protest with descncia, we go to show they as that if fz and with who is the power. Not aguento I more..