Protecting Motorists

As a result, developed a standard (UNE 135 900), which evaluates the behavior of systems to protect motorcyclists in the safety barriers and railings. In the European Union several years ago that different countries have adopted various measures to curb this such accidents. To this we have designed different types of protections to cover StumbleUpon including the main ones polystyrene bubbles that protect the crossbars or H profiles of StumbleUpon, which are primarily active sash and there are also other systems that are complete protection from the bottom of the guardrail or double bionda made in different materials such as polyurethane, wood, plastic, etc. In Spain the Legislative Chambers agreements necessary and urgent to defend its replacement by other safer means are often adopted unanimously. Similarly, the Minister of Development announced last April at the plenary of the Senate that the Government planned to change StumbleUpon 1,500 kilometers of road network state (beyond their responsibility to regional roads) and would be completely finished in 2009 , to which it has reacted by asking for greater speed and shorter delays. The change was, in his words, "put in existing, but does not in itself the responsibility of the Administration when it was old ways. A breakthrough is the Judgement of the Supreme Court of Catalonia 740/2006, Section 4. Rd of October 6, 2006, which recognizes the danger of the guardrail, while rejecting the claim due to the fault of the motorcyclist.

As a background to the Award said, the Judgement 60/2004 of the Supreme Court of Catalonia, Section 1. Meetings, on January 19, 2004, said: "… we must recognize that the existence and installation of the fence is not were unhappy with the rules applicable on the day of the accident although the circular order 325/95 (December 1995) on "Recommendations on Vehicle restraint systems" of the Ministry of Public Works recommended the use of supporting the metal barriers profiles Type C steel rather than Type I (which was placed in the A-19 on 11/12/1997) which however was still permissible to use the latter's class even with the policy its partial restoration and maintenance is carried out with the new type, ie C, until a decree of 6 / 2001, of 24/10/2001, we proceeded to the prohibition of that kind of media. It is undoubtedly an issue that should make a special track because it, well now, has the greatest interest. A Judgement obtained very interesting is the recent Judgement of the Court of Administrative Palma de Mallorca 30 July 2007 that accused the administration responsible for the risk that contracts against the run if the cause of damage is precisely these security measures declared effective but has been shown to be highly dangerous and causing some damage very severe, so that it deals with the failure of road safety against the run. This is the way forward to continue defending the responsibility of government to maintain these so-called protective systems are causing so much damage to road users are public and motorists, for not only the same four-wheel driven vehicles. More information and phone 914413866