Political Constitution Of Colombia Part Viii

The Congress shall enact basic laws which shall be subject to the exercise of legislative activity. By means of these regulations shall be established from Congress and each of the chambers, the rules for preparation, approval and implementation of the budget of revenues and appropriations law and the general development plan, and those concerning the allocation of regulatory powers to local authorities. Organic laws require, for approval, the absolute majority of votes of members of both chambers. ARTICLE 152.

By statutory law, the Congress will regulate the following matters: a) Fundamental rights and duties of individuals and the procedures and remedies for their protection; b) Administration of justice; c) organization and system of political parties and movements a statute of the opposition and electoral functions; d) Institutions and mechanisms for citizen participation. e) States of emergency. f) A system to ensure equal election among the candidates for President of the Republic. TRANSITIONAL CLAUSE. The national government or members of Congress shall submit by March 1, 2005, a bill to develop the literal Statutory f) of Article 152 of the Constitution and also regulates, inter alia, the following subjects: guarantees to the opposition , political participation of public servants, the right to equal access to media that use the electromagnetic spectrum, state-dominated financing of presidential campaigns, right of reply on equitable terms as President of the Republic is a candidate and standards disabilities for candidates for the Presidency of the Republic. The project will message of urgency and may be insistence message if necessary.