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The difference is in the degree of acidity and the score obtained in sensory analysis. An extra virgin olive oil has a taste and odor beyond reproach or that otherwise zero defects. If oil is you detected, albeit hardly noticeable any aroma or flavor that belongs to the category of defects (winey, atrojado, stale, moisture) must be marketed under the Virgin label. It is very difficult that a consumer not trained in sensory analysis is able to distinguish what is called barely noticeable defects. With respect to the degree of acidity, IOC (International Olive Oil Council) stipulates that the extra virgin shall not exceed 1, while the limit of the Virgin is a 2nd. However, in the regulation of EU no. 1513 / 2001 published definitions of oils in the market of bulk commodities, indicates that extra virgin olive oil will have 0 8th of maximum acidity. In the market that we most commonly find are extra virgin with a degree of acidity between the 0.3 and 0.8 and Virgin oils which do not exceed 1.

This is one of the parties in which greater controversy exists when testing an oil, it is that he is very bitter so has higher acidity, is very soft this is more bad, none of that: heartburn has nothing do with taste nor corresponding to more or less intense tastes, is a chemical parameter that determines the amount of free fatty acids, expressed in oleic acid. It is related to the process of elaboration. A high acidity indicates abnormalities in the State of the fruits, treatment and/or conservation. It is also important to know that a very low acidity, e.g. 0.1, is not necessarily synonymous with exceptional oil. In fact, for more than two years, the EEC regulations banned the mention of the degree of acidity on the label of an extra virgin olive oil unless it was accompanied by other chemical parameters such as the peroxides. Other how current and lampante oils are oils that carry other processes and the What will discuss later. If you want a high quality Virgin oil extra you can check OrOliveSur Sale of organic olive oil and Iberian products online, or you can also consult our version in English OrOliveSur Buy organic olive oil and iberian products online original author and source of the article