Moscow City Considered

Overnight: St. Petersburg – a city of ambition, the fruit of a purely masculine civilization. Same thing is happening in Moscow. Men's civilization is always phallic, it's always a competition who are longer and thicker, etc. etc. Landrin: Do you mean that we are building is not democratic, and fallokraticheskoe society? Fast: Absolutely, especially in Moscow.

What's good, I do not speak good in these horrific monsters of iron, glass and concrete, titled "Moscow City>> whose construction I call the" March of the towers>>? Nothing! But most think the contrary, it is remarkable that this is a sign of a civilized and democratic society True, the part about democracy, it is not clear! They do not realize that St. Petersburg – it is the will of a tyrant, his masterpiece! Peter also a kind of creator, but he never considered the principles of humanity. Rulers of Russia have never been considered a man and did only what was considered necessary and allegedly useful. In this sense, Russia is probably the most brutal country in the world. Landrin: But let us return to the old Moscow. I am a long time and regularly watched the metamorphosis of your creativity, in particular, in the picture of old Moscow, and if in the first scene was something anxiety, some unexpressed pain, now prevails in the pictures, as I call it, a metaphysical mind. Quick: What manuscripts do not burn, and the city is not dying, it is still preserved somewhere, in some other worlds, in some global library, as an achievement of humanity.