Brian Stow Stafford

Oslo Explosion Creates Mayhem. Well I am not going to jump to a bunch of conclusions but my gut says Religion of Peace strikes again. Prayers for the folks in Oslo. Welcome to the fight (If it’s terrorism) By Anthea Raymond LOS ANGELES Two men were charged by the District Attorney’s Office today with mayhem, and assault in the March 31 beating of Santa Cruz paramedic Brian Stow outside Dodger Stadium. The Los Angeles Police Department never gave up on We had a chance to check out the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 earlier this week. We also spent more time playing through the game’s Operation Metro mulitplayer map. Here’s a quick run through of a single, “I’m no prude but this was drunken mayhem,” Mr Stafford said. At one point two young drunk women started “pawing” the twins in their pushchair and spilling alcohol on them. When Mr Stafford moved the women away with his forearm, he was food